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What to Wear on the Golf Course? Choosing appropriate attire when you want to join your friends in golf course is quite depressing. Be they are in a private or public course, you should always keep in your mind that rules will always be rules. You have to follow them whatever happens. You should never assume that it is only because you are used in playing on public courses, you all have the right to express flaunt yourself with T-shirt and plain jeans.

What to Wear on the Golf Course?
What to Wear on the Golf Course?

What to Wear on the Golf Course?

Golf Shirt

You must at least have a golf shirt as the basic and simplest attire.  It must be something, which looks like pullover shirt, which have short sleeves and a single collar. Most of the time, they are a little bit longer than a regular  polo shirt, which further help them on staying neat and tucked  though you are swinging  right with the ball over and over again. Never ever try to go with too loud and bright colors or patterns. Maintain your understated look which could provide you the concentration instead of being conscious on your clothes.

Skorts, Pants, Skirts and Culottes

Your pants will never let your down whether they are cotton, linen, khaki or even wool for winter season. But if you want to wear jeans, make sure that the club do allow them. For lovely women, skort, skirt and culottes will do. But during fall or spring, they are advisable to wear slacks when they are in golf course. It is also necessary that shorter pants should reach their knees in length or even more.  When it comes on shorts, it is much recommended that you wear Bermuda length shorts. Never ever try to wear short shorts, gym shorts and most of all, cut-offs.


Golf shoes are the most ideal option here. Many clubs right now obliges to have soft spikes instead of metal spikes.   Be reminded that using metal spikes in facilities of soft spike is strongly prohibited. You must not or else you cannot play golf anymore in that particular club. What you need to do is to invest on a pair of soft spike type of golf shoes for you not to encounter any type of issues with the dress code. Don’t try to wear any kind of street shoes which have heels just to impress everybody. This may cause mark you wouldn’t like at all.

Jackets and Sweaters

It is already common among golfers that they wear layers of dress. For a cool, windy day, it is advisable to wear sweater over the turtleneck for women, vest for men or simple a polo shirt. You could also opt for wind shirt, light jacket or collared-button shirt so you can extra coverings.

Socks – Socks is essential for any type of sport footwear and golf shoes are not exempted. Socks are significant part of the golf attire because fiber simply keeps the golfer’s feet dry and comfortable. Golf socks come in numerous different styles. Most of golfers wearing shorts opt for ankle-length socks.

The strictness in terms of clothing may seem too much for bystanders. But the truth is that creating and imposing dress codes is far more than wants or desire of the owners to make their players look appealing and nice. It is part of the tradition. Apart from that, appropriate golf attire helps one make the most of the game through being comfortable and dry all day long.

Are you wondering what to do next? Just follow the rules and regulations of the club and you are safe.  Most of the clubs out there have hats-off and no jeans policy. Make sure you obey them all the time.

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