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Sports Games Gambling is fun and addicting. All sports fans who love to gamble can try their luck out by betting on sports. There are many Types of Sports Gambling that You Should Know about.

Fixed Odds Sports Betting

This type of sports betting involves fixed odds made by QQ188asia.com The leading sportsbook online website and Asia top best bookies. Basically, those who are betting determine and agree on certain odds prior to the game. It is the traditional form of sports betting that everyone is familiar with. For a certain favorable outcome, payment is done based on the agreed odds. If there is a shift in the odds, it is not considered only fixed amount of money is won. This type of betting is very easy to understand. If a person picks the winning team and the right player, he or she wins and gets paid.

Types of Sports Gambling that You Should Know

Types of Sports Gambling that You Should Know
Types of Sports Gambling that You Should Know

In Play/Live Betting

True to its name, this form of betting allows bets to be placed during the game. In Fixed Odds Sports Betting, bets could be placed only at the beginning of the game. But, in In Play/Live Betting, bets can be placed at the beginning and at any point during the entire game up until its end. The rest of the procedure is same as Fixed Odds Sports Betting. This is the modern day form of betting. The internet is the reason for the birth and blossoming of In Play/Live Betting. This type of betting is only available online. Almost all gambling sites online support live sports betting platforms. A wide range of sports such as football, soccer, basketball, cricket, tennis etc is covered. In Play/Live Betting is an incredibly popular form of betting. Online betting sites offer a whole new world of unique wagers along with traditional wagers.

Exchange Betting

Exchange Betting is a new form of betting. Here, there is no bookmaker participating. The betters play against each other. Consider, a player bets on a team to win and another player bets on the team to lose. These two betters are betting against each other. So if the first player wins, he gets to keep the initial stake of the second player. The entire financial part is the responsibility of the betters. After the wager is set, the exchange keeps a small percentage as commission. It then pays the correct relevant amount to the winner. This type of betting can be done online. A lot of people prefer this type of betting.

Daily Fantasy Sports

Daily fantasy sports does not necessarily involve betting. A group of sports enthusiasts can get together and discuss fantasy sports and speculate on outcomes. Daily Fantasy Sports can be played online or offline. Participants draft a team of their choice and earn points. Points are awarded when the team scores a goal, assists, steals or blocks during the fantasy game. Points are awarded based on data regarding how the drafted players perform in real life. Daily Fantasy Sports really challenges a sports enthusiast’s knowledge and passion. Those who play Daily Fantasy Sports with betting get money if their drafted teams win. This concept has been around for ages and has gained amazing popularity both online and offline


Gambling is fun but must be done with caution. Nobody should risk more money than they can afford to lose. Gambling must be done in a careful, safe and secure manner.

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