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Betting on baccarat can be so tricky. Either playing in a real Casino or playing online thru a trusted online casino site like the Onlinecasinoqq288.com Trusted Live Casino Gambling Website In Malaysia, winning the bet is a satisfaction. Here we serve you with Tips that Can Help You Win in Online Baccarat. With our tips, you won’t be feeling like losing.

  • Know the Game

What is Baccarat, anyway? It is a game most likely played at the casino, but now thanks to technology, we can play it online. Bettors believe that baccarat is a game originally from Italy, with its literal meaning “zero”. This game has easy rules, which hand has the bigger number wins.

Tips that Can Help You Win in Online Baccarat

Tips that Can Help You Win in Online Baccarat
Tips that Can Help You Win in Online Baccarat

How to count the value of the cards? And how is it to bet on this baccarat? 10, J, Q, K have value of 0, A is 1, and other cards has the face value. The highest number is 9, the hand whose number close to nine wins. You can make a bet on Banker, Player and Tie. So, the game started when you already put your bet, and the dealer will deal two cards for each banker and player. For example, if you put your bet on banker, and banker has cards of 9, it means that the banker wins, and you win the bet.

  • Make a Budgeting Plan

You can say that Baccarat is a 50:50 chance winning. Yes, it is. This game is so simple yet so risky. You can lose all of your money, but if you lucky enough, you can win big. That is why before playing, you have to make a plan and a target when to stop when you lose. Let’s say that you are planning of winning the bet twice, or let’s say you want to double your money. Make sure you also have the losing plan. For example, you have $100 to bet, and then you have to stop playing when you are losing that $100.

  • Have a Good Strategy

There are many strategies of betting on Baccarat, such as Martingale and d’Alembert system. The most popular one is the Avant Dernier, the literal meaning is ‘before the last’, it means that you have to bet on the last one that lost. You can choose which one is your strategy, but you have to make sure that never bet on Tie. Why? With 9:1 share of winning, you can have nine times on money that you bet if you win. However if you lose, you can lose everything.

  • Choose Online Site with Less Commission

On the real Baccarat, usually they take 5% commission. It’s different for online Baccarat, the commissions depend on the dealer. Some site only takes 2-3% of commissions. It means that less money taken from you, and more money you can get when winning.

Betting on Baccarat, you can always win or lose. With a good planning on budget, strategy and choosing the right online site, you won’t ever feel like you’re losing. Whenever you like to play, just remember the tips that can help you win in online Baccarat.

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