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Clothing is part of golf decorum. Tips on How to Pick the Right Golf Attire, the game somehow gives much emphasis into this more than any other sport. At large, most golf courses have their own clothing requirements. Usually, the dress codes are not as restricting as the rules for LPGA Tour or PGA tour players but are specifically designed to make sure that those amateur players do adhere to particular protocols to help keep the traditions of the game.

Dress codes vary depending in the strictness and policy of your chosen golf course Tips on How to Pick the Right Golf Attire. Therefore, the primary tip when choosing a golf attire is to first know whether the golf course you will be playing impose strict dress code or not. If there is, know what it is and pick your golf attire accordingly. Several golf courses do impose dress codes except municipal golf courses. Only that, you should still be dressed.

How would you know if there is a dress code? Simple! Call the golf course ahead of time. Do not hesitate. Remember that Golf Courses will surely turn you away if you do not meet their dress code. In addition, do not assume that the clothing that you have seen worn by a professional golfer will already be admitted in the golf course you intend to visit. If you have any uncertainties, never ever hesitate to call ahead.

Tips on How to Pick the Right Golf Attire
Tips on How to Pick the Right Golf Attire

Tips on How to Pick the Right Golf Attire

Don’t Know What to Wear at Golf Courses? Here are some tips

It is indeed hard to look for a much better way to spend the whole afternoon than playing a round of great golf Tips on How to Pick the Right Golf Attire. You will not only have the chance to spend some time outdoors but also get the chance to enjoy the rich tradition and history of the game. Some of those traditions even exceeds to wardrobe. At large, choosing the right golf wardrobe is never easy. Here are the tips to make the quest easier.

Always Check Their Rules – As what have mentioned above, different golf courses usually have different dress code. So, unless otherwise you play in the same course, better check the course specific guidelines when it comes to golf attire. Know what attire is permitted and what are not. Also, check for specific requirements such as the length of golf shorts.

Stay Classic – You are perhaps used to wearing a pair of jeans and the like, trends of modern world. Yet, golf attire is a bit different and more traditional. It will be best if you choose to wear classic wardrobe such as shorts or khaki pants instead of your favourite jeans. Also, be cautious about the short’s length. Shorts that are extremely shorts may become inappropriate. Choose shorts that hits just above your knee.

Get Collared – When choosing a shirt, better look for collared style. Some facilities may not require them but will prefer it. You can opt for a button-down collared shirt or polo style. Choose the one that fits your preference and style. During warmer months, it is better to choose collared but short-sleeved shirts. During cooler months, on the other hand, it will be better to wear long-sleeve style. For women, some golf courses allow sleeveless shirts during warmer months. Nevertheless, you should still check their guidelines before heading out.

Keep Cool – To guarantee peak performance once you hit links during warmer months, it is crucial to choose clothes that can keep your cool. Choose collared shirts, pants, khaki shorts and any other part of your wardrobe made of breathable, lightweight materials such as cotton. You can also opt for clothing made from knit-mesh wicking material that aids to pull the moisture out or away from your body, keeping you cool and dry all day long.

Stay Trimmed – When playing in a cool weather, you should have a jacket or some sort of rainwear that can keep you dry and warm. Keeping yourself warm does not mean wearing oversized or bulky clothes. Doing so can compromise your mobility.

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