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When it comes to age, golf is already centuries in existence. Considering this fact, many people had witnessed how great it is to play this ball sport. The insufficiency of materials and equipment was never an issue before. Would you believe that the The top 10 Golfers of all time course in America was a sheep farm? The early golf balls were actually made out of box trees and other wood materials. In the name of being athletic, creativity is the key to pursue a game. Aside from knowing the brief history of golf, it is surprising to learn that it could also be played on the moon. The brave man who made it possible was Alan Shepard, Jr. After being amazed with the person who played golf on the moon, it’s time to be familiar with the golfers who established fame in the golf courses.

The top 10 Golfers of all time
The top 10 Golfers of all time

The top 10 Golfers of all time

Here is a list of top 10 golfers:

  1. Jack Nicklaus. This man is indeed the greatest golfer of all time due to the record he established. Specifically, he won 73 times on his entire career. No one can replace his place as he was named “The Golden Bear”. For more than 20 years, he was able to take care of his popularity.
  2. Tiger Woods. Through golf, he develops his skills while building wealth at the same time. It is important to note that he is paid with high amount for being a legendary golf player. Tiger Woods also received the title of “PGA Player of the Year”—take note that it was not only once, but 11 times!
  3. Walter Hagen. He is considered as an influential golfer for the rare titles he obtained. Despite of his fame, he encountered discrimination when he was declined to enter Open Championship in the year 1920.
  4. Arnold Palmer. He is named as “The King” for introducing golf worldwide. He acquired an award in line with the PGA Tour in 1998 and the Hall of Fame related to the World Golf.
  5. Ben Hogan. As associated with his last name, he was known as “Hogan Slam” because of his ability to complete a golf swing with a blast. He seems to have a magic for the mastery he developed.
  6. Gary Player. As a South African player, he proved that golf is not only for the Americans. He is famous at the name “Black Knight” because of the simple reason that he wore black during tournaments.
  7. Sam Snead. His golf career was really something to be proud of. With 82 wins, “Slammin Sammy” is very applicable for him.
  8. Bobby Jones. He had a Grand Slam golf career after winning 4 major golf tournaments during his time. He successfully got US amateur Championship titles for several times.
  9. Byron Nelson. “Lord Byron” is the name attached to him. He was also awarded in the Hall of Fame and other prestigious tournaments.
  10. Tom Watson. He was given the chance to be taught by Byron Nelson, making him a professional golfer. Tom Watson also built his own reputation by giving his best in the golf courses.

When you do want to be one of them, you can boost your game. When your legs, back, arms, and core become fit, you can hit the ball properly and with magnificent consistency. Moreover, your muscles have memory and the more you utilize them, the more memory they will have. Thus, aside from the skills that you have to acquire, you have to be physically fit so that you can accomplish a great and successful result.

Golf is indeed a great sport which brings out the best from the players. It takes exceptional skills and patience before someone finds his own career on top. Just like the mentioned names above, an aspiring golfer should also keep learning a technique.

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