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Golf is a very fascinating and entertaining game played across the world. It is not just a spectacular game to play or watch but it also provides excellent opportunities for people to earn more and more. There are many ways by which winnings can be earned by betting on golf especially when you play it in QQ188asia.com the leading sportsbook online website and Asia top best bookies. The chances of winning can be enhanced by properly understanding Sports Betting Terms for Golf. There are diversified ways to bet in the game of golf.

Sports Betting Terms for Golf

Sports Betting Terms for Golf
Sports Betting Terms for Golf

General Rules

When it comes to golf, there are no refunds and all bets action. Money is refunded only when the game is delayed or suspended beyond 48 hours. Sometimes there might be a tie, in such cases, winners will be selected through a Dead heat rule. Under the dead heat rule, based on the number of runners in Dead Heat, the stake money on a choice is divided and the full odds are paid to divided stake. In some cases, if a golfer gets disqualified then the other golfer will automatically be the winner. In a match up, the golfer with most completed holes and the lowest score is the winner. In some cases when the golfers complete a similar number of holes, the one with the lowest score is claimed as a winner. If there is a tie even in the lowest score among the golfers then there will be a push except if there is a tie for the first place.

At times when the tournament is shortened, then despite the number of rounds played, bets will be settled depending on the official result. Bets can be actioned only if the tournament gets completed within the 7 days of its initiation. In some instances, places available for a bet are lower than the number of tied participants. Then, the betting amount is divided by the number of tied participants. People should keep in mind that when the prices are offered for a draw or tie, then dead heat rule is not applicable.

Outright Betting

People placing the bet should always remember that once a golfer has teed off, he or she is considered to have played even if the golfer decides to withdraw after that. Every outright bet is settled upon the player to whom the trophy is awarded. While considering the bets, the playoffs result is also included. Dead-Heat rules are applicable to almost all aspects of outright betting. Ante-post bets can be won if the golfer who participates in the qualifying tournament gets chosen for the main tournament. When many golfers are tied for the top spot, a playoff is used to choose the winner and the winner in the playoff is considered as the official winner for betting purposes.

Hole Match Betting

For the purpose of hole match betting, at least a minimum of 36 holes should be completed in the game. It can be done by 54, 72, and 90 hole match betting. There are various scenarios in this kind of betting. If a golfer gets disqualified after starting, then the other golfer is considered as the winner. Even if the golfer misses the cut, then the other player is deemed the winner and if both of the players miss the cut then the golfer with the lowest score after the cut will be declared a winner. Sometimes even 18-hole betting is allowed.

There are multiple ways through which betting can be placed in Golf, but one has to consider all the rules in order to get closer to a victory.


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