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Betting on soccer matches is one of the most fun aspects of the game for a lot of viewers. But one must be extremely careful while placing bets whether you are doing live betting or via online using some of the most trusted online bookmaker like QQ188asia.com The leading sportsbook online website and Asia top best bookie. It is necessary to be aware of the Soccer betting terms that you need to know.

Match Betting Duration

The results at the end of a 90-minute soccer match determine the match betting. This rule makes room for additional time taken due to injury or stoppage time. Any other extra time, including penalty shootout time and the golden goal, are not considered. In the case of friendly matches and beach soccer, the actual result is taken into account irrespective of the time.

Soccer betting terms that you need to know

Soccer betting terms that you need to know
Soccer betting terms that you need to know

Cancelled Matches

When a match is stopped completely before 90 minutes of game play, that match will be graded as “No Action” in the betting world. But if the bet is on something that was already determined before the time of cancellation/abandonment of the ongoing match, then the wager still stands. If a match is canceled on the day it was supposed to be played and postponed to a later date, then the bet holds for only 48 hours after the initial kickoff. In other words, if the match is played within 48 hours, then the bet exists.

Change of venue

If the venue of the match is changed from the home team’s soccer ground to the away team’s soccer ground, then all the wager placed originally are graded as “No Action”. But if the venue is changed to any other ground that allows the original home team to remain home team (even after venue change), there is no change in the betting.


During a soccer match is there exists a player who entered the match after the first goal is scored then that player will be graded “No Action”. Also, any player that does not participate in the match at all will be graded “No Action”. In the same scenario (after the first goal is scored), if it so happens that the match is abandoned, then the bets on the First Goal and No Goal stand. But, the bets on the Last Goal is refunded


Non- players such as substitutes, managers or coaches are susceptible to receiving cards during a soccer match. These are not accountable during the betting. If a player receives 1 yellow card, it accounts for 1 point. If a player receives 1 yellow card, it accounts for 2 points. Per player, the maximum points are 3.

Special Wagers

There is a wager for the team who wins both halves. If a particular team scores more than the opposite team in both halves of the same game, the wager is won. Another kind of wager is for the team to record a shutout win. To win this wager, the team in question must win the match and must not concede a single goal. The third type of wager is called the Double chance. People can bet on two possible outcomes at the same time. There are three categories in this. They can bet on whether the home team wins or draws. They can bet on whether the away team wins or draws. And lastly, they can bet on whether home team wins or away team wins.


Betting on soccer matches is fun and exciting. But it must be done with great caution and care. The rules involved are very important and must be followed strictly.

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