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If you have been hanging around in online casinos like Onlinecasinoqq288.com The most trusted live casino website in Malaysia, the name ‘Sic Bo’ would be familiar to your ears. Known among the old-timers as one of the classic choices, Sic Bo is famous for its difficulty to break through with strategies. This game relies on pure luck if not crazy maths skills. Interested? Here’s Sic Bo betting tips for those who want to play this game.

  1. Look Up for Rules

Sound boring, indeed. However, the options of Sic Bo are often found sickening by newbies. As a bonus, each region usually has different rules, odds, and bet options. Therefore, getting to know the rules before playing is always a good choice.

Sic Bo Betting Tips for Those Who Want to Play This Game

Sic Bo Betting Tips for Those Who Want to Play This Game
Sic Bo Betting Tips for Those Who Want to Play This Game
  1. Don’t Play Risky

If you already studied the rules, Sic Bo betting options are varying from a simple ‘big or small’ to the exact number of the three dices. By that, the difficulty of each option can be judged easily. For your information, they also play a big role on the house edge. So, choose wisely. Playing small-big, single, and double would certainly be easier with much less risk. Therefore, it brings more victory than triples.

  1. Peek on Your Bankroll

Similar with many betting games, choosing more options would bring more victory. However, please check your wallet first. Going all out without any measure in Sic Bo can cause quite the bankrupt. To protect both winning rate and bankroll, playing defensively would do the justice. For those who like to play dangerously, choosing the combination bet and picking out several options at the same time would do. Please keep in mind that such playing style could take heaps of money that probably wouldn’t even profit. Loss aside, wagering more means possibility of even bigger win.

  1. Hone Your Math (or Programming) Skill

This wouldn’t give any player instant win. However, it might help to count the chances of each options and hence better luck on playing Sic Bo. Like most betting game, Sic Bo game system can be defined to permutation which can be counted by either math or programming path. And, this skill would help you on playing other games too. Interested? Look it up on the net.

  1. Learn the System

Especially for online Sic Bo, even with complicated device, the ‘randomness’ can’t be completely random. Online games are ruled by the program path. Even though appeared to show random result, they actually follow some sort of rules. If you like to observe, this is a great step to follow. Try and write down what number appears in a row to see what always appears after a few turn. That’s the pinnacle of the system. What’s possibly done next is riddling the number with math and programming or choosing those frequently appearing numbers when playing with the exact machine next time. Go figure!

Those are some sick Sic Bo tips for those who want to play this game. Don’t forget to check the rules and your money. Play safely, and learn the system with math when you need to. But remember, betting is always hooked with fate. So, in luck we trust. Good luck!

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