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Portugal finally Claim the Euros trophy after they narrowly missed it at hands of Greece team as they claimed the highest honor in the European football scene. This win meant too much for the Portuguese team as they claimed the trophy for the first time since its inception. They looked complete outsiders to the trophy as they were playing France team which has come into the final after beating the German team which was labeled as a team to beat at the Euros but Portugal had the joy of lifting the trophy as they claimed it in the extra time.

The game looked poised in the host’s way on the card as the hosts have won last 10 competitive matches against the team that they were facing in the finals but this was going to become a completely different story. The match started in high tempo but Portugal suffered a huge blow as Cristiano Ronaldo was forced for an exit after a horror tackle with Dimitri Payet. France wasted too many opportunities and their best chance was when Gignac was denied by the inner frame of the post and the match went for extra time where Eder sensationally scored a brilliant 25 yard goal.

Portugal finally Claim the Euros trophy
Portugal finally Claim the Euros trophy

Portugal finally Claim the Euros trophy

Same story but different role

Fate and luck went dry for the Portuguese team on the home soil 12 years ago when they were just one step way form lifting the trophy but destiny had other plans and Portugal waited for a redemption on the same trophy and it did came last night where Portugal were on the opposite side of the story, the underdogs against the host and fate gave them what they were just minutes away from taking 12 years ago. This is Portugal first international trophy and will long live in the hearts of the fans and the whole nation was rejuvenated because the trophy that eluded them for years was finally under their grasp and they have earned it by not doing the same old mistakes again.

An unlikely hero

Portugal fans would have surely dreamt of their team winning trophy but looked unlikely but what was more unlikely was something that even the Portuguese team, Portuguese fans or I would say the whole world wouldn’t have imagined it as there emerged an unlikely hero for the nation named Eder. The former Swansea man stunned the whole world and perfumed when his team wanted it badly as is 25 yard drive that went past Hugo Lloris was nothing short then spectacular. People would have thought of Cristiano Ronaldo, Renato Sanches or Luis Nani as the heroes of final but Eder overshadowed them all. What an irony it is that Eder has only scored one goal for his team and that goal was the greatest goal ever by any Portuguese player.

Cristiano Ronaldo in tears

Yes, it was 12 years ago a young portages lad was tormenting the defenses like never before and was touted as the greatest player of future generation but that player had teary eyes when his team lost the finals and same was the case as Cristiano Ronaldo was down to tears as he was desperate enough to stay on the pitch and win the game for them but was barely able to walk as he was taken to the tunnel with the fracture but the man just didn’t gave up as he helped his team in the tactical way during the 90 minute break and even worked as an subordinate to the Portuguese coach as he instructed his team in the extra time truly proved his willingness to win and that in the end proved fruitful for him as Portuguese team claimed the final urn.

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