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People love cricket and loyalty devoted into the man who managed to recuperate Indian cricket, from the dishonest practices it had fallen into, and to whom people – will forever be one of the greatest leaders in the world of cricket. At the time while Indian cricket was trailing its value and attractiveness, Saurav Ganguly’s array into the team marked the start of a lifelong fandom for most. An important figure in the world of cricket, people celebrates the remarkable journey of Ganguly “Dada” – the “god on the off-side” as he turns 44. In the period of 2000s witnessed a stage of high end brings and match-fixing by third parties outside the stadium of the sport, in the place of keeping with the various gentlemen and bets. The globe was heartbroken at the imperfect sanctity of the game and the most respected match started losing its audience.

People love cricket
People love cricket

People love cricket

Saurav Ganguly prove his popularity as a cricket administrator

A cricket committee of Bengal will hold elections at the end of July to pick a new executive association. Former India Savrav Ganguly has proved his popularity as a cricket administrator today. The first test expects him as the (CAB) cricket association Bengal, of which has been the head since last September, get ready to hold elections at the end of this month to choose a new executive association. Due to the death of President Jagmohan Dalmiya, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamta Banerjee has put Ganguly at the controls of the CAB, in a contentious move that  made many cricket administrators furious. Though annoyed by the chief minister’s independent decision to promote Ganguly from joint secretary to the president position, they had to accept it without any complaint. CAB needs Ganguly’s charm to move cricket in the state to the next stage. And because the CAB is the custodian of the Eden gardens, it desires someone of the stature of Ganguly to understand the true potentials one of the globes most celebrated cricket foundation.

Other cricket players flourished under Saurav Ganguly

Saurav Ganguly was one of the greatest and most showy cricketers to play for India. The difference between him and the rest was his never say die attitude. He made best and bold decisions as the Indian skipper and one of the best examples was in the 2001 Kolkata match against Australia, where rather than playing out for a drag, he hoped his bowlers and made it for winning. And this has been what he has done his entire career. He had no hesitation in giving opportunities to younger cricketers, and always shared an immense relationship with fellow players. Under Saurav’s control, there were more than a fair few who were thrown onto the global stage. Gautam Gambhir, Zaheer khan, Mohammad, and Yuvraj Singh were among the many players, who got on the big stage, thanks to the support of their skipper.

Mohammad Kaif: one of Ganguly’s finest finds cricketers for India

Being knowledgeable is one thing, but identifying someone’s exact capability requires knowledge as well. Saurav was one such captain of the team that had the ability of understanding the match winners. He gave a whole fresh bunch of cricketers for India, identifying their ability in the tournaments. Everyone debate about how he molded the careers of Zaheer Khan, Yuvraj, Virender Sehwag, and Harbhajan Singh. Sleeting from Allahabad, Kaif made a huge name for himself in the tournament. He led India to magnificence in the ICC U-19 world cup in 2000. Ganguly gave Kaif a fine run under his noticeable eyes. Not only Ganguly is a talented cricketer, but he created huge talented cricketers.

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