Tips that Can Help You Win in Online Baccarat

Betting on baccarat can be so tricky. Either playing in a real Casino or playing online thru a trusted online casino site like the Trusted Live Casino Gambling Website In Malaysia, winning the bet is a satisfaction. Here we serve you with Tips that Can Help You Win in Online Baccarat. With our tips, you won’t be feeling like losing.

  • Know the Game

What is Baccarat, anyway? It is a game most likely played at the casino, but now thanks to technology, we can play it online. Bettors believe that baccarat is a game originally from Italy, with its literal meaning “zero”. This game has easy rules, which hand has the bigger number wins.

Tips that Can Help You Win in Online Baccarat

Tips that Can Help You Win in Online Baccarat
Tips that Can Help You Win in Online Baccarat

How to count the value of the cards? And how is it to bet on this baccarat? 10, J, Q, K have value of 0, A is 1, and other cards has the face value. The highest number is 9, the hand whose number close to nine wins. You can make a bet on Banker, Player and Tie. So, the game started when you already put your bet, and the dealer will deal two cards for each banker and player. For example, if you put your bet on banker, and banker has cards of 9, it means that the banker wins, and you win the bet.

  • Make a Budgeting Plan

You can say that Baccarat is a 50:50 chance winning. Yes, it is. This game is so simple yet so risky. You can lose all of your money, but if you lucky enough, you can win big. That is why before playing, you have to make a plan and a target when to stop when you lose. Let’s say that you are planning of winning the bet twice, or let’s say you want to double your money. Make sure you also have the losing plan. For example, you have $100 to bet, and then you have to stop playing when you are losing that $100.

  • Have a Good Strategy

There are many strategies of betting on Baccarat, such as Martingale and d’Alembert system. The most popular one is the Avant Dernier, the literal meaning is ‘before the last’, it means that you have to bet on the last one that lost. You can choose which one is your strategy, but you have to make sure that never bet on Tie. Why? With 9:1 share of winning, you can have nine times on money that you bet if you win. However if you lose, you can lose everything.

  • Choose Online Site with Less Commission

On the real Baccarat, usually they take 5% commission. It’s different for online Baccarat, the commissions depend on the dealer. Some site only takes 2-3% of commissions. It means that less money taken from you, and more money you can get when winning.

Betting on Baccarat, you can always win or lose. With a good planning on budget, strategy and choosing the right online site, you won’t ever feel like you’re losing. Whenever you like to play, just remember the tips that can help you win in online Baccarat.

Benefits of Knowing the Card Counting In Blackjack

There are some benefits of knowing the card counting in blackjack, most of them will bring favors for the gamblers. Those who enjoy the adrenaline on gambling table would not fall for such false information, saying that cards betting is just a mere luck. Doubting about these benefits will only bring you despair.

Benefits of Knowing the Card Counting In Blackjack

  • Play Fair Game

It is a foul to call card counting as an illegal action. The counting strategy in push-your-luck games was never counted a cheating method, even until now. Getting hooked to the observing part will make you earn the “telltale card” title. When this happen, the casino can use its right to refuse letting you play.

Benefits of Knowing the Card Counting In Blackjack
Benefits of Knowing the Card Counting In Blackjack

Otherwise, it is okay to count the tally. Doing this won’t make you an instant professional gambler, either. In order to create accurate prediction, you need to stay in the game for hours, which may get you suspected. Moreover, the calculation could be wrong and you still have the chance to lose.

  • Get Slightly Accurate Prediction

The function of counting the cards in the deck is to guess which card you should put on the table. Since you bet money on this game, it would be such a waste to go without putting a little extra effort. You have approximately eight predictions, all of them are recommended by the professionals.

The easiest method is called high and low. You simply need to alternate the number that has been revealed. It could be either higher or lower cards. Using this simple calculation, you have narrowed down the possibilities and have firm decision for the card you are going to play. For example, you could take out high cards (bigger than ten) if the other two cards are in low ends.

It is impossible for the dealers to play one strategy only. As time passes, he or she would change his or her method. Relying on one plan is not favorable in this case. Set your attention to the number of cards in the deck, the shuffling method, and the possible strategy used by the dealer.

  • Earn More Money

One reason for you to play betting game on some online casino website like Trusted Live Casino Gambling Website In Malaysia is money. Then go for it, but stay modest and play quick game. As you have known, playing this kind of game would take long hours of observation before you could actually keep the pace of the dealer. When this time comes, you should not miss the chance.

Place your bet for the highest winning chance. If you overexcited and place high bets, the casino staff would know that you pay very close attention to the game. The safest way is placing slightly higher bet than the overall bet. Then call it a day and continue it on the next day.

Keep in mind that counting card is not cheating. It won’t give drastic change to your winning chance, but it gives you better chance to claiming money. After knowing benefits of knowing the card counting in blackjack, do you still want to turn down the winning chance in your next bet?

Advantage of Live Betting Using Mobile Phones

Live betting becomes a lifestyle trend for some people. The bettor can easily play without going to the casino. Bettor also can feel safer in playing because there will no people that could watch him. Now, the bettor also can do the live betting using his own phone. There are several numbers of advantage of live betting using mobile phones especially when you will going to play in Trusted Live Casino Gambling Website In Malaysia, you can experience the best betting moment of your life.

Advantage of Live Betting Using Mobile Phones

Advantage of Live Betting Using Mobile Phones
Advantage of Live Betting Using Mobile Phones
  • Do It Everywhere

Bettor can easily bet wherever he is. By using mobile phone, the bettor can play without coming to the casino. Bettor still can do live betting while doing something else even in the bed. Easier and more effective rather than going to the actual place right.

  • No More Word “Closed”

Well, there are many 24-hours opened casinos, but only in some places. By using the mobile phone, bettor can play 24 hours for seven days a week. The casino is closed will never be a reason to stop playing bet anymore. Just click and bettor can do the live betting, even in 3 am in the morning.

  • Bet in More than One Game

This is the advantage you can’t get from playing live in a casino. Bettor can actually place a bet in some different games while playing the live betting. This is an effective way to get more money at a time, right?

For mobile phone, there are many betting games that bettor can choose, even more than in website versions. So, there will be no more difficulties in playing more than one game at a time. If the bettor is bored, he can simply choose the other games.

  • No More Starring at Laptop for the Whole Day

Before mobile phones era, especially smart phone, bettor should stare at the laptop screen for hours for playing live betting. But by using mobile phone, bettor can just relax at his sofa and play the whole day.

The mobile version is usually simpler than the web version. This is a clear advantage for a beginner to play as it has simplified buttons and interface in mobile version.

  • Deposit and Withdraw Everywhere and Anytime

No more going to the bank to get some money for betting. If bettor has banking application in his mobile phone, he can directly deposit to the betting application. That’s easy. The best part of it is bettor can actually withdraw the money using the mobile banking app as well. It saves the energy and time rather than going to the bank to get money and later going back to the bank to save the money.

  • Find the Betting Strategies and Tips Online Faster

A beginner? Need strategies and tips for live betting? It will be an easy task to do if bettor uses mobile phone for playing. Just swipe to the mobile search engine to find the tips and tricks, and then go back to the game and win it.

Those are several of the advantage of live betting using mobile phones. Bettor with mobile phone has more freedom. However please remember that to use mobile phone for betting also means the bettor will need stable internet connection and full charged mobile phone batteries for non-stop-playing. Happy live betting!

Types of Sports Gambling that You Should Know

Sports Games Gambling is fun and addicting. All sports fans who love to gamble can try their luck out by betting on sports. There are many Types of Sports Gambling that You Should Know about.

Fixed Odds Sports Betting

This type of sports betting involves fixed odds made by The leading sportsbook online website and Asia top best bookies. Basically, those who are betting determine and agree on certain odds prior to the game. It is the traditional form of sports betting that everyone is familiar with. For a certain favorable outcome, payment is done based on the agreed odds. If there is a shift in the odds, it is not considered only fixed amount of money is won. This type of betting is very easy to understand. If a person picks the winning team and the right player, he or she wins and gets paid.

Types of Sports Gambling that You Should Know

Types of Sports Gambling that You Should Know
Types of Sports Gambling that You Should Know

In Play/Live Betting

True to its name, this form of betting allows bets to be placed during the game. In Fixed Odds Sports Betting, bets could be placed only at the beginning of the game. But, in In Play/Live Betting, bets can be placed at the beginning and at any point during the entire game up until its end. The rest of the procedure is same as Fixed Odds Sports Betting. This is the modern day form of betting. The internet is the reason for the birth and blossoming of In Play/Live Betting. This type of betting is only available online. Almost all gambling sites online support live sports betting platforms. A wide range of sports such as football, soccer, basketball, cricket, tennis etc is covered. In Play/Live Betting is an incredibly popular form of betting. Online betting sites offer a whole new world of unique wagers along with traditional wagers.

Exchange Betting

Exchange Betting is a new form of betting. Here, there is no bookmaker participating. The betters play against each other. Consider, a player bets on a team to win and another player bets on the team to lose. These two betters are betting against each other. So if the first player wins, he gets to keep the initial stake of the second player. The entire financial part is the responsibility of the betters. After the wager is set, the exchange keeps a small percentage as commission. It then pays the correct relevant amount to the winner. This type of betting can be done online. A lot of people prefer this type of betting.

Daily Fantasy Sports

Daily fantasy sports does not necessarily involve betting. A group of sports enthusiasts can get together and discuss fantasy sports and speculate on outcomes. Daily Fantasy Sports can be played online or offline. Participants draft a team of their choice and earn points. Points are awarded when the team scores a goal, assists, steals or blocks during the fantasy game. Points are awarded based on data regarding how the drafted players perform in real life. Daily Fantasy Sports really challenges a sports enthusiast’s knowledge and passion. Those who play Daily Fantasy Sports with betting get money if their drafted teams win. This concept has been around for ages and has gained amazing popularity both online and offline


Gambling is fun but must be done with caution. Nobody should risk more money than they can afford to lose. Gambling must be done in a careful, safe and secure manner.

Basketball Betting Systems That You Can Use

This interesting and popular Sports betting game offer betters to make a handful of profit by playing a successful game. Basketball is an end-to-end game which is really very interesting to play with. Basically, there are three types of betting types available. They are Money Line Betting (betting money on a specific team to win the game), Handicap betting (a handicap number is used either with “+” or “-“ sign indicating or determining the outcome of the game), and Totals betting (determines whether the point scored is either higher or lower based on a set number). If a bettor needs to learn more about the Basketball Betting Systems That You Can Use, they can make use of this article to have a thorough understanding of the betting terms.

Basketball Betting Systems That You Can Use

Basketball Betting Systems That You Can Use
Basketball Betting Systems That You Can Use

Money Line Basketball Betting

The player has to bet a certain amount of money on a certain team to win the game. For example in the betting site Best Online Sports Bookie Website & Asia Top Free Bets Bookmaker, consider there are two teams A and B with a Basket Ball Odd of 3.450 and 1.464 respectively. Assume that team B is the favorites which have to beat the team A. If the player bets an Odd of $10 on team B, the player will get the total payoff of $14.64 which also includes the Odd $10 in return.

The player if won, get the profit amount of $3.64 as a final outcome. On the other hand, if team A won the game the player has to return an amount of $34.50 with the Odd value of $10 which in turn get a profit of $24.50 for the player or better.

Handicap Basketball Betting

The player once has a clear understanding of the Money Line betting strategy they will easily grasp the Handicap Basketball Betting. Let us discuss with the following example. Consider there are two teams X and Y with a handicap number of +6.5 (2.060) and -6.5(1.862) respectively. If the team Y has won the game (i.e) with 100-96, the bet on the handicap for the better will lose. This is because actually team Y has started its game with -6.5 points, then their final score will be 93.5-96 which is a favorable condition for team X. (subtract 6.5 from the total score which yields 93.5).

Totals Basketball Betting

There will be a set number and this bet is to check whether the points taken in the game are more or less than the set number. In short, checking the over or under score with the set number is the simple rules to win this Basketball Betting. For example, consider the over and under score as 210.5 with 1.962 and 2.110 respectively. If the player bets an Odd of $10 which is to be over 210.5 then the result will be declared as a total of 214 points (116-98). The player, in turn, has to make a return of 19.62 and as a result, the better get a profit of $9.62.

The above mentioned are certain betting rules that the user has to follow in order to win the game. A clear understanding of the rules may result in winning a game rather than losing it. There are also other different betting types with different rules in the Basketball Sports Betting Game which attracts the better or a player to play with utmost fun and in turn to gain more profit.

Sports Betting Terms for Golf

Golf is a very fascinating and entertaining game played across the world. It is not just a spectacular game to play or watch but it also provides excellent opportunities for people to earn more and more. There are many ways by which winnings can be earned by betting on golf especially when you play it in the leading sportsbook online website and Asia top best bookies. The chances of winning can be enhanced by properly understanding Sports Betting Terms for Golf. There are diversified ways to bet in the game of golf.

Sports Betting Terms for Golf

Sports Betting Terms for Golf
Sports Betting Terms for Golf

General Rules

When it comes to golf, there are no refunds and all bets action. Money is refunded only when the game is delayed or suspended beyond 48 hours. Sometimes there might be a tie, in such cases, winners will be selected through a Dead heat rule. Under the dead heat rule, based on the number of runners in Dead Heat, the stake money on a choice is divided and the full odds are paid to divided stake. In some cases, if a golfer gets disqualified then the other golfer will automatically be the winner. In a match up, the golfer with most completed holes and the lowest score is the winner. In some cases when the golfers complete a similar number of holes, the one with the lowest score is claimed as a winner. If there is a tie even in the lowest score among the golfers then there will be a push except if there is a tie for the first place.

At times when the tournament is shortened, then despite the number of rounds played, bets will be settled depending on the official result. Bets can be actioned only if the tournament gets completed within the 7 days of its initiation. In some instances, places available for a bet are lower than the number of tied participants. Then, the betting amount is divided by the number of tied participants. People should keep in mind that when the prices are offered for a draw or tie, then dead heat rule is not applicable.

Outright Betting

People placing the bet should always remember that once a golfer has teed off, he or she is considered to have played even if the golfer decides to withdraw after that. Every outright bet is settled upon the player to whom the trophy is awarded. While considering the bets, the playoffs result is also included. Dead-Heat rules are applicable to almost all aspects of outright betting. Ante-post bets can be won if the golfer who participates in the qualifying tournament gets chosen for the main tournament. When many golfers are tied for the top spot, a playoff is used to choose the winner and the winner in the playoff is considered as the official winner for betting purposes.

Hole Match Betting

For the purpose of hole match betting, at least a minimum of 36 holes should be completed in the game. It can be done by 54, 72, and 90 hole match betting. There are various scenarios in this kind of betting. If a golfer gets disqualified after starting, then the other golfer is considered as the winner. Even if the golfer misses the cut, then the other player is deemed the winner and if both of the players miss the cut then the golfer with the lowest score after the cut will be declared a winner. Sometimes even 18-hole betting is allowed.

There are multiple ways through which betting can be placed in Golf, but one has to consider all the rules in order to get closer to a victory.


Soccer betting terms that you need to know

Betting on soccer matches is one of the most fun aspects of the game for a lot of viewers. But one must be extremely careful while placing bets whether you are doing live betting or via online using some of the most trusted online bookmaker like The leading sportsbook online website and Asia top best bookie. It is necessary to be aware of the Soccer betting terms that you need to know.

Match Betting Duration

The results at the end of a 90-minute soccer match determine the match betting. This rule makes room for additional time taken due to injury or stoppage time. Any other extra time, including penalty shootout time and the golden goal, are not considered. In the case of friendly matches and beach soccer, the actual result is taken into account irrespective of the time.

Soccer betting terms that you need to know

Soccer betting terms that you need to know
Soccer betting terms that you need to know

Cancelled Matches

When a match is stopped completely before 90 minutes of game play, that match will be graded as “No Action” in the betting world. But if the bet is on something that was already determined before the time of cancellation/abandonment of the ongoing match, then the wager still stands. If a match is canceled on the day it was supposed to be played and postponed to a later date, then the bet holds for only 48 hours after the initial kickoff. In other words, if the match is played within 48 hours, then the bet exists.

Change of venue

If the venue of the match is changed from the home team’s soccer ground to the away team’s soccer ground, then all the wager placed originally are graded as “No Action”. But if the venue is changed to any other ground that allows the original home team to remain home team (even after venue change), there is no change in the betting.


During a soccer match is there exists a player who entered the match after the first goal is scored then that player will be graded “No Action”. Also, any player that does not participate in the match at all will be graded “No Action”. In the same scenario (after the first goal is scored), if it so happens that the match is abandoned, then the bets on the First Goal and No Goal stand. But, the bets on the Last Goal is refunded


Non- players such as substitutes, managers or coaches are susceptible to receiving cards during a soccer match. These are not accountable during the betting. If a player receives 1 yellow card, it accounts for 1 point. If a player receives 1 yellow card, it accounts for 2 points. Per player, the maximum points are 3.

Special Wagers

There is a wager for the team who wins both halves. If a particular team scores more than the opposite team in both halves of the same game, the wager is won. Another kind of wager is for the team to record a shutout win. To win this wager, the team in question must win the match and must not concede a single goal. The third type of wager is called the Double chance. People can bet on two possible outcomes at the same time. There are three categories in this. They can bet on whether the home team wins or draws. They can bet on whether the away team wins or draws. And lastly, they can bet on whether home team wins or away team wins.


Betting on soccer matches is fun and exciting. But it must be done with great caution and care. The rules involved are very important and must be followed strictly.

Choosing The Sports Betting Game If You Are A Beginner

The world is filled with a wide range of popular sports. And almost every popular sport opens the opportunity for betting. Sports betting has been played for nearly hundreds of years and was present even in ancient societies. From being a hobby, sports betting has emerged to become a very prominent part of the lives of many people. Sports betting has a very high potential for making money and this draws the attention of many towards it especially in online sports betting like in Malaysia Online Sports Betting Site, Live in Play Bets. Due to the availability of so many sports, the people who desire to step into the arena of sports betting might find it a little confusing as to where to begin. There are a few aspects to keep in mind while Choosing The Sports Betting Game If You Are A Beginner.

Selection according to Interests

People who are new to the world of sports betting games have a plethora of choices when it comes to selecting a game to place the bet in. There are sports like soccer, basketball, baseball, hockey etc. among which one can choose to bet. Most of the times, it is very usual that beginners tend to place their bets on a game either because it is very popular or because it has a potential to provide huge earnings. But blindly placing bets is very risky. Some people also tend to wager based on the trends and statistics pertaining to a sport. Although it is a wise move, it may not always be fruitful.

Choosing The Sports Betting Game If You Are A Beginner

Choosing The Sports Betting Game If You Are A Beginner
Choosing The Sports Betting Game If You Are A Beginner

The people who place bets can enjoy real success easily if they invest their money in a sport that they are interested in. It has been observed that if a person has good knowledge and understanding of a sport then it becomes really easy to analyze the outcomes and hence bet can be placed smartly. Such bets tend to have more positive outcomes. A basic understanding of the sport helps majorly in placing a right bet. So, it is always a wise move to choose a sport  for which there is a genuine admiration like a fan. People will have good knowledge and assessment about their favorite sport and that makes the job of betting simpler and advantageous.

Opting based on Betting Style and Popularity

Each person has a different betting style. Some people prefer to place their bets only on the favorite team or players that have a very massive chance of winning. Such people can invest their bets in those sports where this kind of activities happens regularly. For example, in tennis, bets can be placed on top-ranked players. People who wish to bet based on data analysis should choose those sports for which all the required information is readily available.

The most popular sports for betting are soccer, USA football, Formula 1, Golf, tennis, basketball, boxing, and cricket. As all these games are very renowned, lots of data pertaining to these sports are easily available and there is also the presence of a variety of betting options on these sports. Beginners can also choose to bet on either one sport or on many sports. Those who have great expertise related to a particular sport can avail this option to fixedly concentrate on betting on one sport. But those who desire to claim as many chances as possible to win and earn can opt for placing bets in multiple sports.

Ultimately, it is a person’s own decision to pick a sports betting game. But, if one chooses the game which can be easily understood and analyzed by the person, then betting becomes simpler and better.

Top 5 Ways to Ensure Your Winnings in Soccer Betting with Over-Under Betting

After mastering betting on head to head match in The Biggest Online Sports Betting Site In Malaysia, many of us would be intrigued to try on over-under betting. This market is a great alternative with nice chance of profit as well. However, many punters seem to get lost in the way. If you hadn’t make any winning on this, these are the Top 5 Ways to Ensure Your Winnings in Soccer Betting with Over-Under Betting.

Top 5 Ways to Ensure Your Winnings in Soccer Betting with Over-Under Betting

Top 5 Ways to Ensure Your Winnings in Soccer Betting with Over-Under Betting
Top 5 Ways to Ensure Your Winnings in Soccer Betting with Over-Under Betting
  1. Consider the Last 20 Matches

Recent performance of the team matters but it is not as much as you think. People like to refer to 3 or 4 weeks latest performance of the team, but to outwit the odds, this is not how you should do it. Depending on the club and the frequency and games it played, we need to consider at least the last 20 matches. While many punters will be intrigued by long and high scoring, we should focus on the team true potential.

  1. Track Over the Occurrences

Yes, most punters will count on the averages. It is actually helpful in limited variance with large sample size. Rather than tracking the average, look at the amount of over and under goal the team has gone so far. Let’s take an example.

Let’s say that Manchester United played about 15 home matches. The goals made during the matches are 45. It means they make 3 goals in each match in average. It also means that 2.5 goals will be paying. Now, if 2 of those 15 matches result in high scoring, like 5-1 and 4-2, the rest 13 matches average will be 2.53. What was once an appealing chance looks less attractive.

  1. Don’t Go Too Far

When it comes to over-under betting, we shouldn’t get too smart. The safest way to ensure your winning is to bet on 2.5 goals. In alternative to this, you can also bet on anywhere in which the even money is regulated. However, it is typical that this point is often placed between two or three goals, depending on the club playing and the teams involved in the match. You need to focus more on the value. However if you find greater value than the typical, you should really take advantage of it.

  1. Analyze True Scoring Potential

Scorelines are very important to analyze. However, deeper stats are what define your under-over betting winning. To really gauge a team potential in the given match, we need to more than scorelines and goals. Make an analysis that involves statistical categories in which you get information on team true scoring potential and base form. Several things are crucial to consider. It includes goal for conversion rates, shots on target against and for, and shots on goal against and for.  Please remember that goal numbers are often on fluctuation wildly and a bit inconsistent. Understanding the potential will let you reap the targeted rewards on the balance sheet.

  1. Situation Accounted for

In over-under betting, analyzing the situation is crucial. We need to see how the entire competing clubs perform so far in similar situation. Is a club being an underdog when away from home and are they involved in lower and higher scoring? With inferior rivals, do they make just enough score to win or running up to win as many as they can? This analysis will give you new edge.

So basically you need to look deeper and farther if you want to win. It takes longer consideration, yes but it secures your winning. Try those ways to ensure your winning in soccer betting with over-under betting above and see where it brings you.

Kick your Luck to the Jackpot Goal!

Are you a sucker for soccer? Torn between watching your favorite sport game or playing with online slot games? Worry no more! Spade gaming has designed its new slot game with your favorite soccer game where you can Kick your Luck to the Jackpot Goal! Join the 3 teams present in our slot game and watch as they line up for the goal! Settle all your disputes about the best soccer team because we are sure to give you another soccer favorite!

Do you like Messi? With Spade gaming’s soccer themed slot game, Messi is not the only one to watch for! Now you have more favorite things to watch out in the field like the golden soccer ball which will give you a bonus and the golden trophy which is the scatter symbol in the game. Kick your luck to the jackpot goal and watch out for these symbols!

Kick your Luck to the Jackpot Goal!

Kick your Luck to the Jackpot Goal!
Kick your Luck to the Jackpot Goal!

The game from Slot Machine Games, Free Slot Betting Website is pretty simple you just Kick your Luck to the Jackpot Goal! You have three teams with each team having its own jersey. Now all you need to do is root for your own team and hope you get a whole set of their jersey on all paylines. If that happens, surely you will be rewarded nicely. But there are even bigger prizes awaiting you so what are you waiting for? Here are some features that will surely get you kicking:

5 reels, 5 pay-lines

You may think that this game is cheap and maybe underpaying. But for a game that has only 5 pay-lines, Soccer Mania will surely get you hooked on to the screen as you play even longer than a 90-minute soccer game. On the left of the screen, you can adjust your coin value from a minimum of $0.10 to a maximum of $20. And you also get to choose how many lines you want to play. After all has been adjusted, you can now kick your luck to the base jackpot goal of $5,000!

Scatter Symbol

Most scatter symbols would give you free spins but not in this game. Although you are not awarded free spins, you get to gain from 5 to 500 credits which is a considerable range for a “cheap” slot game. All you need to do is get at least 3 scatters in the form of a golden trophy to claim your reward. What an easy way to win money!

Autoplay Button

If you feel like you’re kind of tired already, you can just push the auto play button on the screen and voila, the game shall play for you and hopefully win you the jackpot goal! You can adjust the number of auto play games you want by holding the autoplay button. Another good thing about this button is that you can drag it anywhere on the screen wherever you find it most convenient.

Instant Play

If we have the autoplay, we also have the instant play. You get to click the same button, but once you click play, you can press it again to stop or simply skip the spinning animation of the reels. This is good if you are the kind of person who has little patience or maybe just short of time.

Bonus Round

Yes, you read that right! What makes a game more exciting if not the bonus round? But how do you trigger the bonus round? In Soccer Mania, you only need at least three golden soccer ball symbols adjacent starting from the leftmost reel to get a chance to play overtime in the bonus round. Who knows what may happen in this round? One thing is for sure though, you are taking home the goal — a cash prize!

Forget Everything and Try Out Soccer Mania

It’s not the most popular online slot game made by Spade Gaming but it is definitely something you must try. From the sporty graphics to the catchy music and sound effects all the way to the huge cash prizes, Soccer Mania will surely give you an entertainment that is one-of-a-kind!