Best Malaysia Site to Play Online Betting Games

What are the most popular games in Malaysia? Of course online betting games. Then, where Malaysian bettors usually play the games? Here is the best Malaysia site to play online betting games. Why should bettors play on that site? Where and how should bettors start? Who wants to play? Let’s find out the site first.

Best Malaysia Site to Play Online Betting Games

Best Malaysia Site to Play Online Betting Games
Best Malaysia Site to Play Online Betting Games

Casinoqq801 Best Live Malaysia Casino Site & Online Betting Games is claimed as the best site in Malaysia. What is so special about this site? Well, you will have a good number of game options on this site. You can place the bet on sports betting with so many sports options; play the card games such as poker, blackjack, and baccarat; spin the slots; the newest game is the fish hunter.

In this newest game, fish hunter, you will collect some fish and each fish has a different number of score. You will also play with other player and you can take his fish. At the end of the game, your score will be counted and it can be exchanged with the money.

Why Should Start to Play Online Betting Games Here?

This is the common question of many bettors. There are so many reasons why you should lay in this site. First, this site provides you with the best games from the best providers, let’s say Pragmatic Play and OPUS Casino. Those providers are only two from many providers that will deliver their best games.

Second, you will find more than just ordinary entertainment on this E-gamesqq882 Malaysia’s Trusted and Leading Online Slot Betting Website. You can find out that the jackpot is so big and that will definitely become yours if you win. Plus, you can claim the bonus, even if it is your first day playing on this site. You can open the promo tab and see the welcome bonus. Just follow the instructions and you will get the bonus. Such a beneficial site, isn’t it?

Third, you can get the better service than other websites. You can have a chat with the customer service, 24 hours per day. Your transaction also will be done in less than five minutes for both depositing and withdrawing. All of the transactions also guaranteed by trusted banks that will never fail you. What else do you want?

The Easy Registering Process

This site also eases every bettor who wants to sign up for the incredible journey of playing betting online games. You just need to click on the join now tab and then fill in the form. The form will ask about your name, ID name and password, your bank account name and number, and your e-mail.

Just that. Then, submit the form and the admin will contact you through e-mail. What you need to do next is just confirm that e-mail and you are registered on this website. Just as easy as that and you can start to collect the jackpot.

Wanna try to play in the best Malaysia site to play online betting games? Just access the site right away and experience the best games, best service, and best jackpot by yourself. Happy betting and winning!

Most Popular Betting Online Games That You Can Play

Still new to the betting world and don’t know where to start? Well, if you already have a gambling account, then it’s time to play the games. But what is the most popular betting online games that you can play? Where and when can we play them? Discover the answers below.

Most Popular Betting Online Games That You Can Play

Most Popular Betting Online Games That You Can Play
Most Popular Betting Online Games That You Can Play

Do you want to try popular betting games? Then it’s easier to know what are the first. After all, there are many types of games in the gambling world and bettors can’t try them all at once. This list will help you know them and pick one.

  • Casino Games

If we are speaking about the classics, then casino games are the way to go especially those games in Casinoonlineqq808 Top Casino Live Gaming Website in Malaysia. This game category itself is actually divided into two, which are card and dice games. There are all popular, but the most popular one gotta be Poker. However, Poker needs skill, which may be difficult for newbies to chase on. If you are looking for something more classic, then Baccarat, Blackjack, and Roulette are the better options.

  • Sports Betting

Are you a sports fan? Then you can actually profit as you watch matches by playing sports betting inside the best online sports betting site like Sportsqq828 Trusted Online Sportsbook & Malaysia Live Betting Site. Nowadays, there are more options than just betting on soccer matches. Bettors can bet on seasonal and less popular sports branches like winter sports, women wrestling, and MMORPG rankings. Also, they are technically easy to play than casino games; bettors just have to pick a betting option and see if they win after the match ends – no playing technique and strategies required.

  • Slots

If sports betting not easy enough, slot can always be an option. Slot games are much like any video games. They are full of colorful graphics and bonus stages. Also, the betting process is just as simple as sports betting. Bettors can even use auto bet and auto spin feature to keep the slots and money rolling hands-free. This game is perfect to be enjoyed as it is or multitasked with other activities and hobbies.

  • Lottery

A slot may be low maintenance, but the lowest maintenance game of online betting is definitely a lottery. In a lottery, bettors literally just have to wait for the results – there’s no mind game on winning team’s prediction or which slot has the best odds, perfect to be conducted in the background as we play other games.

  • Popular Betting Online

Ok, there are many popular games to choose from, but where can we play them with good quality? In a good betting site, of course! Any qualified site with high-quality providers will bring the best quality games. As for the best time to play, just play outside rush hours to get the best profit possible!

So, those are the most popular betting online games that you can play. Some are easy to play, some are not. However, bettors can master them easily with some practices. For better experience and profit, don’t forget to use high-quality betting sites. Good luck!

Everything You Need To Know Before Playing Online Betting Games

There are a lot of people who are attracted to join online betting sites. They think that there are so many probabilities to win and gain the bonuses from such online betting sites like Sportsqq828 Trusted Online Sportsbook & Malaysia Live Betting Site. However, many people still cannot uncover the tricks to achieve the winning. The following explanation will cover Everything You Need To Know Before Playing Online Betting Games.

Everything You Need To Know Before Playing Online Betting Games

Everything You Need To Know Before Playing Online Betting Games
Everything You Need To Know Before Playing Online Betting Games
  1. Be Knowledgeable!

As the bettor decides to involve in betting activities, it means that they should know the information pertaining to the teams or the players they bet on as many as possible. Thus, the bettors should spare much time to monitor the information by watching the matches, reading the news, and many more. By doing such things, the bettors will be able to gain more references for making the accurate predictions.

  1. Mind the Details!

Regarding the urge to follow the information pertaining to particular teams or players, the bettors should not merely focus on the latest outcomes or performances of the teams or players. As an example, if particular teams win the six matches currently, the bettors should be able to analyze whether the winnings are because of luck or not.

In other words, the bettors should be able to analyze whether the teams or players usually perform defensively and offensively or not. By such analyses, the bettors will gain more references to create accurate predictions for the next matches.

  1. Involving the Emotions should be Avoided in Online Betting

The bettors who join sports online betting are usually the ones who enthusiastic enough in such things. The main important thing for them is that they should not involve their sympathy and antipathy while watching the matches and making the predictions. They should be able to merely focus on the terms of the value, probability, and risk without considering whether the teams or players are their favorites or not.

  1. Why Online Betting Sites Try to Cover Less Popular Sports

As many gambling companies have been flourishing around the world, they start competing for each other by luring the bettors with lots of markets or benefits. That is why many bookmakers have started expanding the list of sports and markets they cover.

However, it means that they may cover the less popular sports which they might not be expert or knowledgeable at. Thus, it is better for the bettors to try set the wager on such less popular sports to find any gap to win it.

  1. Shop Around before Deciding the Best Online Betting Sites!

As stated before that the gambling companies have been flourishing around the world. As they have been competing for one and another to offer the better benefits for the bettors, the bettors should do a brief research to find the best company with the best offers.

The explanation above covers Everything You Need To Know Before Playing Online Betting Games. By knowing those things, the bettors can increase the chances of winning.

Online Mahjong Casino Games Rules

Besides American and European, Asian has many interesting betting games.If you assume that Asian betting games only have card betting game, you are wrong. There is a popular Asian betting game that does not use the card, Mahjong. What is this game? What are the rules? To answer the questions, read the information about online mahjong casino games rules.

Online Mahjong Casino Games Rules

Online Mahjong Casino Games Rules
Online Mahjong Casino Games Rules

Mahjong or Mah Jongg- Chinese people called- is the most popular Chinese betting games. If you watch a Chinese movie, you will see this game. It shows how popular  Mahjong is. Even though this game is popular in China, it does not mean that this game only played by Chinese, Mahjong is played by American bettors, European bettors, and African Bettors.

Four bettors are the suitable number of players to play Mahjong. This game uses 144 tiles, 36 characters, 36 circles, 36 bamboos, 16 wind tiles, 12 dragon tiles, and eight flower tiles. The main objective is to arrange the pairs identical Mahjong tiles.

The players should remove unnecessary tiles and replace with the new tiles to get the wins even you play actual or in online casinos like Casinoqq801 Best Live Malaysia Casino Site & Online Betting Games. The “mahjong” identical is 14 tiles which consist of four sets and one pair. The pair consists of two identical tiles. Either a “pung” or a “chow” is the example of two identical tiles. It is a simple game, isn’t it? Then, read the mahjong casino games rules below

How To Play

Once again, your main objective is to change or replace unnecessary tiles and match it to the pairs of identical tiles. You will see the mahjong players on television or the Internet that they try to experience arranging the tiles in different forms.

Keep in mind that it is hard and difficult effort to change or switch the form in the middle of the game. In other words, bettors should decide what form will use at the beginning of the game.

Players can replace or remove the tiles from the board if it is not suitable for your form. Keep in mind that players cannot match the tiles randomly and arbitrarily. Two tiles match if both of tiles are in the same group and have similar categorize.

Okay, the example is bamboo-4 match with another bamboo-4 tile, bettors cannot match bamboo-3 with bamboo-5. But, keep in mind that there are an exception mahjong casino games rules for a season and flower tiles. Flower tiles match with another flower tiles and another season tiles match with another season tiles.

The Winner

The winner is a bettor who can remove all tiles or replace the unnecessary tiles to the forms. However, bettors should choose wisely the form. For your information, the first bettor who can make the form is the winner. Keep in mind that online casino site provides time for bettors to finish their form.

Mahjong is a great game and always be the first option for online bettors especially in Casinoonlineqq808 Top Casino Live Gaming Website in Malaysia. Bettors will have a bigger chance to win the game if they read and implement online mahjong casino games rules.

10 Best Tips for Playing 3 Pictures

Three pictures casino game will use one deck of cards. For this game, the major card will be all picture cards like Jack, Queen and King. The banker and the player are all playing with only three cards. Here are 10 best tips for playing 3 pictures that you need to know in order to win.

10 Best Tips for Playing 3 Pictures

10 Best Tips for Playing 3 Pictures
10 Best Tips for Playing 3 Pictures

Manage the bankroll

The first tip is to manage your bankroll since it is considered to be the most important thing in the game. Don’t get too excited after getting much money as you will not know when it stops.

Aim for the highest ranking hand

In three pictures game, the goal of the game is to get the highest ranking hand. So, before playing, it is best to know the card ranks and how to get them. Learn carefully about each card ranking hand so that you are familiar with them.

Learn the game rules

The game rule of three pictures is not easy. In general, the players need to collect the same pictures within one deck of cards. After understanding the game rule, the players need to keep on practicing before doing the real game. It will be advantageous if the players also know the betting system.

Know the Limits

It means that the players need to set their budget before playing three pictures. If their budget has run out, it means that it is time to stop. It is not recommended to keep on playing and spending money out of the budget limits.

Get full value of the game

If you play three pictures, make sure that you accept any bonuses or promos or other advantageous offers from the game. You can also sign up for the email or any text notifications so that you will not miss any promos or bonuses.

Observe the game

Before joining the game, it is best to observe it first. Players can take time to identify the strategies from other players. If you have been able to identify the strategies, you can start playing.

Prepare several strategies to win

Players need to come up with several strategies to win the game before sitting in the table. This is one of 10 best tips for playing 3 pictures. If one strategy doesn’t work well, the players can use other strategies to win the game.

Play in legal online casino website

This is also important. Make sure that the online casino website is legal and reliable like this Casinoqq801 Best Live Malaysia Casino Site & Online Betting Games. It is to make sure that the players will get their jackpot or bonuses being paid by the website.

Play for fun

Other tip to win the game is to play for fun. Remember that you play this casino game is just for fun. Why? If you can enjoy the game, you can play in relaxed atmosphere and not get pressured to win the game.


One important tip to win this casino game is to concentrate well on the game. Keep on focusing when the banker distributes the cards so that you can guess what cards will appear later on.

These are 10 best tips for playing 3 pictures casino game. If you have understood all the tips, you can start playing for real. Have fun!

Few Tips on How to Win In Soccer Games Betting

Want to try soccer betting but don’t know how to start? Then, you are so lucky that you land on the best place where you can know some tips on how to start and also some few tips on how to win in soccer games betting. So, all you need to do is to read this article from top to bottom. In order to know all of the things that will going to help you win in soccer betting games that might make you rich in an instant.

Few Tips on How to Win In Soccer Games Betting

Few Tips on How to Win In Soccer Games Betting
Few Tips on How to Win In Soccer Games Betting

Let’s begin on the tips on how to locate the top websites for world cup 2018 with great rewards every day first, before anything else. On the reason that if you don’t locate the top soccer betting website, all the tips that will going to appear here later will become nonsense. So, the first thing you need to keep in mind when looking for the top soccer game betting website is the license of the website. If the website doesn’t have a license, then it is better if you will going to stay away from it if you want to avoid some unnecessary things. Then, next on that license is you also need to check the website if it can offer you plenty of awesome sports betting features and promotions. Whenever you found a website that have those things, it means you are in one of the best soccer betting site on the internet.

Place a bet on the team that you know deeply

This is one of the most common thing that any sports bettors need to do if they really want to have the highest winning chance when doing sports betting. On the reason that if you place a bet on the football club that you know deeply, it means that you know their capabilities. For example, if you are a big fan of the FC Barcelona in UEFA, or Brazil or Sweden on FIFA World Cup, then placing a bet for them, will be your best move than placing bet on other teams. In other term, don’t place a bet on the football club that you don’t know.

Keep your head cool and know when to quit

This is one of the main factor why plenty of sports bettors loses lots of moneys when doing sports betting. They let emotions to ruin their mind that results to bad decision making and suddenly will going to be the main reason of the loss of money. And lastly, you should know when to stop placing bets and quit. It is one of the most crucial thing that every bettor needs to do. On the reason that it will become ahead of winning lots of money or losing all the money you have.


Winning in soccer games betting is so easy when you know some of the Few Tips on How to Win In Soccer Games Betting. All you need to do is to find the best website, know some information about the sports, and always think before you act and you can guarantee that you will going to win lots of money.

Who Spun It A Betsoft Slot With High RTP

Finding the best online Slot game can be very difficult sometimes. There are many criteria that you can use in choosing the best online slot game for you, including the RTP. If you are looking for a Slot game, here is the Casino Online Website With Plenty Of Awesome Games Ready To Play like Who Spun It a Betsoft Slot with high RTP will be the best answer for you. Why is that so?

Who Spun It A Betsoft Slot With High RTP

If you like mysterious genre, this game is very suitable for you. It is because in this game, you can help the detective to solve a mysterious murder case. Of course, you will find several symbols represent the evidence of the case and some symbols represent the culprits.

Who Spun It A Betsoft Slot With High RTP
Who Spun It A Betsoft Slot With High RTP

The graphics and the music effects of the game will make you feel as if you are one of the characters of the game. By playing this game, you can tell that this Who Spun It Slot game by Betsoft is really one of a kind Slot game and Betsoft puts a great work in making it.

Interestingly, this game has three different levels to play. The levels here are separated by the timer located at the top screen of the game. The objective here is to combine the symbols in each level before the time runs out and the symbols are different from one level to another since each level takes different locations.

Slot Type

This Who Spun It Slot game is a Video Slot game with 5 reels and 30 paylines that you can bet. To play this game, you just need 1 to 5 coins to bet per line.  The sizes of the coins are ranging from 0.02 to 1. To acquire big amount of payout, you are suggested to bet on all lines with maximum coin.

This game is very popular since it has a high RTP or Return to Player for 96%. Having a high RTP will be very beneficial for you later on since it will affect the amount of payout that you can expect to get. Say for example, you have placed a total amount of bet for $100 in this game. At the end of the game, you can expect to get for more or less $96 as your payout.

Bonus Game

After you have completed all levels of the game, you are eligible to play the bonus game. The bonus game here lets you to help the detective interrogating the culprit. In this bonus game, you need to gather the evidence in the reels to make the culprit goes to the jail and you will get lots of money in returns.

In this bonus game, you will also have a chance to get the Scatter payout when you can combine 2 or more evidence in the reels. Also, you will have a chance to get free spins and multipliers here to give you more payout.

Who Spun It a Betsoft Slot with high RTP will be very suitable for those who are looking for bigger payout. If you are interested in playing this Who Spun It Slot game, you can go to QQ808 and test out your luck there.

Sic Bo Betting Tips for Those Who Want to Play This Game

If you have been hanging around in online casinos like The most trusted live casino website in Malaysia, the name ‘Sic Bo’ would be familiar to your ears. Known among the old-timers as one of the classic choices, Sic Bo is famous for its difficulty to break through with strategies. This game relies on pure luck if not crazy maths skills. Interested? Here’s Sic Bo betting tips for those who want to play this game.

  1. Look Up for Rules

Sound boring, indeed. However, the options of Sic Bo are often found sickening by newbies. As a bonus, each region usually has different rules, odds, and bet options. Therefore, getting to know the rules before playing is always a good choice.

Sic Bo Betting Tips for Those Who Want to Play This Game

Sic Bo Betting Tips for Those Who Want to Play This Game
Sic Bo Betting Tips for Those Who Want to Play This Game
  1. Don’t Play Risky

If you already studied the rules, Sic Bo betting options are varying from a simple ‘big or small’ to the exact number of the three dices. By that, the difficulty of each option can be judged easily. For your information, they also play a big role on the house edge. So, choose wisely. Playing small-big, single, and double would certainly be easier with much less risk. Therefore, it brings more victory than triples.

  1. Peek on Your Bankroll

Similar with many betting games, choosing more options would bring more victory. However, please check your wallet first. Going all out without any measure in Sic Bo can cause quite the bankrupt. To protect both winning rate and bankroll, playing defensively would do the justice. For those who like to play dangerously, choosing the combination bet and picking out several options at the same time would do. Please keep in mind that such playing style could take heaps of money that probably wouldn’t even profit. Loss aside, wagering more means possibility of even bigger win.

  1. Hone Your Math (or Programming) Skill

This wouldn’t give any player instant win. However, it might help to count the chances of each options and hence better luck on playing Sic Bo. Like most betting game, Sic Bo game system can be defined to permutation which can be counted by either math or programming path. And, this skill would help you on playing other games too. Interested? Look it up on the net.

  1. Learn the System

Especially for online Sic Bo, even with complicated device, the ‘randomness’ can’t be completely random. Online games are ruled by the program path. Even though appeared to show random result, they actually follow some sort of rules. If you like to observe, this is a great step to follow. Try and write down what number appears in a row to see what always appears after a few turn. That’s the pinnacle of the system. What’s possibly done next is riddling the number with math and programming or choosing those frequently appearing numbers when playing with the exact machine next time. Go figure!

Those are some sick Sic Bo tips for those who want to play this game. Don’t forget to check the rules and your money. Play safely, and learn the system with math when you need to. But remember, betting is always hooked with fate. So, in luck we trust. Good luck!

Things That You Need To Know, Before Playing Roulette

If you plan to win on roulette table, then you need to know that there are some Things That You Need To Know, Before Playing Roulette. Come unprepared would give you a nice audience seat and loss of money. Unless you are satisfied enough with the offer, then make some efforts to learn the trick to win over the spinning wheel.

Take Favorable Wheel

When you step in a land base casino or even in some trusted online casino site like the The most trusted live casino website in Malaysia, you might have noticed that there are two kinds of wheels: European and American. The one with 38 alternating black and red slots and two zeros is the American one. This type is commonly found in States. If you notice the wheel with only 37 black and red slots with a single zero, then it is the European style. The difference might not be significant, but your chance of winning would increase with European wheel.

Things That You Need To Know, Before Playing Roulette

Things That You Need To Know, Before Playing Roulette
Things That You Need To Know, Before Playing Roulette

Make Smart Bet

First of all, you could understand how the expected value works. There is small cut to your initial bet: -0.053 per dollar you bet on American table, and -0.027 dollars on European table. For example, placing one dollar bet will on American table will leave you with 0.947 dollars.

Next thing to learn is about “outside” and “inside” bet. Surely, there must be difference between these two terms.  Placing the bet “outside” means that you only predict whether the ball will fall on the odd or even number, black or red spot. Taking this type of betting gives you bigger chance to win, but then less money to take home.

In the other side, betting on single number or being “inside” might give you enough money to fill your pocket, when luck favors you. One thing to avoid is that lowest “five spots” point. It must be betting on a row with 0, 00, 1, 2, and 3 numbers in it. These nominal will give you only the lowest money: your initial amount minus the cut per dollar.

Avoid Common Fallacies

Some professional gamblers has been playing Roulette more than a decade, so they might witness a glorious day where things were mechanical. In this era, there is a trick called wheel clocking. As long as you have good ears, you could bring a lot of money home. Sadly, casino management also learns about this flaw and now changes every wheel with the automatic ones.

Another fatal mistake is thinking that you might just have found the formula to calculate the spinning wheels rotation. This might be equal to dig your own graveyard. Every time the wheel spins, new probability begins. In this case, there is no correlation between the current and previous result.

 Fix The Budget

Another useful advice is to know when to quit the game. You might experience negative progression, where you feel like you should bet on double value on what you are losing. It also happens when you win; you feel the pulse to bet even higher to bring home more money. This is the gate of addiction and total loss. This is how you should play: with fix budget and ready to quit when you already win.

For a gambling game that requires no skills and gives most of the favor to house side, Roulette is quite popular among gamblers. Winning over the spinning wheels would be easier back then, when the machine is mechanical and has noticeable flaws. Now that thing goes automatic, the only chance left is to learn Things That You Need To Know, Before Playing Roulette.

Dragon Tiger Casino Game Winning Tricks

If you are familiar with Baccarat, you will be familiar with dragon tiger game. The dealer will give the card in the table. This card is opened and called the dragon. Then, the next card is closed and called the tiger, then say which one has the higher rank. Only that. Easy? It’s better for you to read dragon tiger casino game winning tricks bellow before starting playing.

Get Ready with Strategies

This Trusted Live Casino Gambling Website In Malaysia game does not necessarily need any kind of strategy. This game is based on the player’s luck in guessing the card. However, it does not mean that the player cannot use strategy at all.

Do not give up that easily if you fell the luck is not yours. For the first strategy, the player can start to count the cards so he will know how many the low and high rank cards left. So the chance to get correct guess is maximized.  The player can keep track on the cards that have already been used. It’s related to how many seven cards are already drawn. If a seven is drawn, the player will lose.

Dragon Tiger Casino Game Winning Tricks

Dragon Tiger Casino Game Winning Tricks
Dragon Tiger Casino Game Winning Tricks

The player can take advantage on playing side bet such as suit bet. For using this strategy, the player should watch previous game turns. After that, the player can guess what number are the suit cards and what number are the decks. This will help the player to guess what card that is closed in the main bet.

Be Careful with the Tie Bet

This tie bet is really attractive for bettor. It seems that it will give the bettor much money. But, the bettor should be very careful with this game. Why? It is because the chance to win this game is really small.

There are so many possibilities of hand combinations and only 32.77% from those combinations are tie. It is said that there are 86.320 hands combinations and it means that only 6.488 are ties. If the player does not have such luck, better for him not to touch this game. Even, the suit tie bet is more difficult because it only has 1.456 outcomes which can be suited.

Never Use Betting System in This Game

Many players may suggest trying betting system in playing dragon tiger game. The fact is no one ever reported being succeeded in using betting system in winning this game. So it will not bring you any huge jackpot as they said.

Be Patient or Be Reckless

The player needs to be patient in playing this game. He needs to see and observe the games before. Take notes for every card that is used in the games will be an advantage for him.

But it’s fun to be reckless sometimes. It’s a game after all but the player uses money this time. Just make sure the player won’t regret his decision.

Believe that this game is easy? You can try it by yourself with these dragon tiger casino game winning tricks. If you don’t believe on the counting or mathematics prediction, just play the games on your risk. Test your own luck to bet on the dragon or the tiger.