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Besides American and European, Asian has many interesting betting games.If you assume that Asian betting games only have card betting game, you are wrong. There is a popular Asian betting game that does not use the card, Mahjong. What is this game? What are the rules? To answer the questions, read the information about online mahjong casino games rules.

Online Mahjong Casino Games Rules

Online Mahjong Casino Games Rules
Online Mahjong Casino Games Rules

Mahjong or Mah Jongg- Chinese people called- is the most popular Chinese betting games. If you watch a Chinese movie, you will see this game. It shows how popularĀ  Mahjong is. Even though this game is popular in China, it does not mean that this game only played by Chinese, Mahjong is played by American bettors, European bettors, and African Bettors.

Four bettors are the suitable number of players to play Mahjong. This game uses 144 tiles, 36 characters, 36 circles, 36 bamboos, 16 wind tiles, 12 dragon tiles, and eight flower tiles. The main objective is to arrange the pairs identical Mahjong tiles.

The players should remove unnecessary tiles and replace with the new tiles to get the wins even you play actual or in online casinos like Casinoqq801 Best Live Malaysia Casino Site & Online Betting Games. The “mahjong” identical is 14 tiles which consist of four sets and one pair. The pair consists of two identical tiles. Either a “pung” or a “chow” is the example of two identical tiles. It is a simple game, isn’t it? Then, read the mahjong casino games rules below

How To Play

Once again, your main objective is to change or replace unnecessary tiles and match it to the pairs of identical tiles. You will see the mahjong players on television or the Internet that they try to experience arranging the tiles in different forms.

Keep in mind that it is hard and difficult effort to change or switch the form in the middle of the game. In other words, bettors should decide what form will use at the beginning of the game.

Players can replace or remove the tiles from the board if it is not suitable for your form. Keep in mind that players cannot match the tiles randomly and arbitrarily. Two tiles match if both of tiles are in the same group and have similar categorize.

Okay, the example is bamboo-4 match with another bamboo-4 tile, bettors cannot match bamboo-3 with bamboo-5. But, keep in mind that there are an exception mahjong casino games rules for a season and flower tiles. Flower tiles match with another flower tiles and another season tiles match with another season tiles.

The Winner

The winner is a bettor who can remove all tiles or replace the unnecessary tiles to the forms. However, bettors should choose wisely the form. For your information, the first bettor who can make the form is the winner. Keep in mind that online casino site provides time for bettors to finish their form.

Mahjong is a great game and always be the first option for online bettors especially in Casinoonlineqq808 Top Casino Live Gaming Website in Malaysia. Bettors will have a bigger chance to win the game if they read and implement online mahjong casino games rules.

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