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Novak Djokovic was defeated in Wimbledon 2016 had a road to Wimbledon holding the overall champion of Grand slam tournament and thirty straight match wins at the major record. He had not lost a set to forget a match, whilst the first week of a grand slam since 2014 in Wimbledon. So he became the best player in the universe, but he was done two sets to none, after a tight opening set, twenty eighth seeded famous players Sam Query stormed via 5 direct games to take the second. It never appeared like their next round encounter lie their third round has finished at Wimbledon was out of the twelve time grand slam champions’ grip. But actually, it was as querrey maintained his interest after dropping the third set and came back from a break down in the nest set to near out the huge win of his career and arguably the huge misconception in tennis since Robin Soderling defeated Rafael Nadal in the same situation of French open in 2009. A sequential forehand that landed well huge ended his pursuit of the calendar decade grand slam and clinched the querrey match.

Novak Djokovic was defeated in Wimbledon 2016
Novak Djokovic was defeated in Wimbledon 2016

Novak Djokovic was defeated in Wimbledon 2016

Road to Wimbledon

For a while, that come back was too long as a Novak appeared inevitable. At the morning time, when the match was started, there is a change in climate and become rains on Friday evening that tends to the end of second set. After that, the opportunity was given to Djokivic to regroup overnight before to restart the match. Sam has began Wimbledon with memory breakthrough, a great returns from two sets to none, to defeat the best tennis player, named as Lukas Rosol, who is the general manager of USTA of player growth Martin Blackman wrote in an email already on Saturday morning. Ensure that Sam will possibly be nervous now at the starting stage, but he knows he has defeated Novak before and he has the role that it takes to provide complete and let the chips fall where they may. He was right present on the verge of hitting the pulling and accelerator even and then away from the US to whom Djokovic had only lost a combined eleven games in their previous seven sets before this match ahs started. So, when he finally broke Sam at the set point of 4-4 on his 12th chance of the set, it looked like he would definitely send he contest to a 5th and deciding set.

Reason behind his unbelievable loss

After that, the rain drops again, so that Novak urgently coach and his team to meet him as the current champion went back on the locker room before the match’s resumption. Whilst the match will go down as one of the greatest splendid ever, the loss was just that for Novak was defeated by Sam, which is the unbelievable happening in Wimbledon 2016. With this loss, now it is clear route for other stars, who he has kept away from main trophies to comeback to glory. But individuals will remember now, because of Djokovic. All the individuals loses and there will never be an hassle free tennis player, but probably what says that most about Novak is not that this loss came against Sam, but that it came at all. There is no doubt that based on, who succeeds the tournaments; he will remain the best player ever in the universe. It is just that at these days, it all at the prominent just that he said he doesn’t need to focus on a failure. From this, you have learned the detailed information about Djokovic loss in Wimbledon 2016 against Sam.

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