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If you’re used to playing handicap in football, then you will find that handicap baseball are more likely to predict. Unlike the football that tends to be influenced by a variety of non-technical factors, the results of baseball games usually tend to be consistent with most players will record the results of matches that are not much different from the data processing based on some previous matches in QQ188asia.com Best Online Sports Bookie website & Asia Top Free Bets Bookmaker. Therefore, you need to Most Used Strategy in Baseball Sports Betting, the Handicap System to play handicap based on what indicators are used to predict the outcome of the game of baseball.

Some indicators that can be used to determine the handicap in a game is the pitching, hitting, batting averages, head-to-head, the result of the last 5 games, the number of errors, and the weather. All these indicators can be used to predict the outcome of the final match and help us choose the handicap. Generally, a handicap that is safe for baseball games is 1.50.

Most Used Strategy in Baseball Sports Betting, the Handicap System

Most Used Strategy in Baseball Sports Betting, the Handicap System
Most Used Strategy in Baseball Sports Betting, the Handicap System

One indicator that can be relied upon to determine the handicap is WHIP, or walks + hits divided by innings pitched. You will get a number that is in the range of 1.00 to 2.00. The smaller the value WHIP on a team, the better the performance of the team. Values that are classified ideal WHIP is in numbers ranging from 1.00 to 1.20. These values indicate that the team has a pitcher that is reliable. The team was also able to inhibit the opposing player to not get into the base area. Meanwhile, WHIP which is above 1.40 indicates that the team could not stop the opponent to secure the base.

The handicap of a baseball game can also be analyzed by Sportsqq288.com The Biggest Online Sports Betting Site in Malaysia. ERA is the average number of runs given by the pitcher for nine innings that lasted. ERA promising value ranging between 3-4. ERA that is worth 5 indicates that the pitcher having trouble controlling the ball. WHIP and ERA are two suitable indicator used to analyze the ability of the defense and the quality of the pitcher.

Next is comparing statistics hitter vs. pitcher. This method is a powerful way to define a safe limit handicap that can be used to bet. You should find these data on the website that provides statistical information of the complete baseball game. To estimate how many handicap safe to play, you have to estimate the total number that will be earned by a team when facing certain pitchers. Compare rates between the two teams and you will obtain an overview of the estimated value of the handicap that can be taken.

The latest data that you can use to calculate the handicap is a data track record of both teams in the last 5 games. Note batting average, ERA, and lineups in the game. Adjust this data with data previously 3 you have collected to be processed into an approximate handicap.

Prepare a strategy for playing handicap using indicators described above and in Bettingqq101.com Malaysia Online Sports Betting Site, Live in Play Bets. First, you should compare the average score you get players from each team. The difference of the score between the two teams will be a baseline of your handicap.

Next, adjust handicaps while the history of the team’s performance in the last 5 games. You can raise or lower their handicap on the team with a performance that is improving. Confirm the approximate handicap you earn using indicators WHIP and ERA. By doing so, you will have a range of handicap to play. If the handicap offered is better than the range that you have, then it’s time for you to take up the offer of the handicap.

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