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How can halloween be halloween without Vampires? Bumping into Vampire-costumed trick or treaters is fun, but it’s not as fun as bumping into Vampire zombies! Vampire zombies? Yes, you certainly read it right! Onlineslotqq101.com Slot Machine Games, Free Slot Betting Website with the partnership of Top Trend Gaming has developed yet another fun slot game so Hop Your Way to the Jackpot with TTG’s Hopping Dead Slot Game! What makes it more exciting is that it’s an Ancient Asian themed horror game!

The game features a Chinese Zombie Vampire together with a Chinese holy priest. It brings the spooky feels not only with its game characters but also with its mysterious forest background. This game is loaded with fun interface and amazing prizes! What are you waiting for? Hop your way to the jackpot with Top Trend Game’s Hopping Dead slot game! Come and play for some zombie action!

Hop Your Way to the Jackpot with TTG’s Hopping Dead Slot Game!

Hop Your Way to the Jackpot with TTG’s Hopping Dead Slot Game!
Hop Your Way to the Jackpot with TTG’s Hopping Dead Slot Game!

Is the zombie era fast approaching? No one is ever sure of their coming on Earth, but their popularity in slot games is giving rise to their era. This game is not just your ordinary zombie game. It is packed with zombies in traditional Chinese costume who are coming after you for your cash and of course, your brains. But do you know what makes this game even more fun? Check out these awesome features listed below:

5 reels, 25 fixed pay-lines

Hopping Dead brings you yet another slot game that is one of a kind. You have 5 reels and 25 fixed pay-lines to deal with. These lines contain symbol combinations that can trigger cash prizes as you spin in every game. Many pay-lines just mean bigger chances of winning yet bigger prizes! You could start your adventure by choosing how many of those 25 lines and what bet multiplier you will be playing. Furthermore, you can adjust the amount of your bet from 1 to 10 coins on every spin.


Another thing that makes this game great is its auto-spin feature. How convenient right? Shooting zombies should not be that hard anymore because the game can do just that for you, just try out the automatic spin mode. From there, you can just watch the game as it kills zombies and wins awesome prizes for you.

Plenty of Reel Symbols Just For You 

We now look at the cash prizes you can win depending on the symbols you make based on a wager of one credit. The card icons from number 9 to Ace are a very standard part of a lot of slot games. They can be worth from 5 to 100 credits. Going bigger than that are the garlic, rice, fangs, whip, sword, and hat symbols which can trigger up to 2,000 credits. These are just basic symbols and yet you can already win so big!

Exciting Surprises Await You in Hopping Dead Slot Game!

Everyone loves a wild card in their combinations. They can be used to replace other basic symbols on the reels to win bigger prizes. In particular to Hopping Dead, the wild card is a Chinese painting. But the wild card isn’t the only special symbol in the game.

The scatter symbol wins you cash prizes in any position on the reels. It can pay up to a maximum of 12,500 credits. If you land three or more scatters, you get 10 free spins, as your win multiplier rises up to x11.

The last of the special symbols is the zombie symbol which is similar to the scatter symbol. Three or more zombie symbols give you a bonus game where you can pick a coffin that will let you choose between winning an instant cash prize or moving on to the next stage.

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