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A variation of the game of Flag Football played in America and Canada, flag football is almost similar to the game of football that is usually played. The only difference here in flag football is that instead of the players having to tackle opponent players, they have to displace the flag or the flag belt from the carrier of the ball. Though amateurs are the usual players, there are the competitive games are held as championships in which a lot of teams participate and these teams have a widespread fan following.

Championships were initiated in the year 2002 and since then are being held every 2 years and are conducted by the International Federation of the American Football. In the present day the formation of the International Flag Football Festival, an organization particularly devoted to the promotion of the Flag Football, conducts the World Cup Championships of the Flag Football. A lot of the nations like USA, and Mexico as well as Canada take part in the World Cup Flag Football Championships.

Flag Football
Flag Football

Flag Football

Playing the Flag football is highly competitive as it is a mind game that needs the player to be highly alert as well as vigil during the game. Though the rules vary with each club or league matches, the formation of the organization International Flag Football Festival has made it possible to standardize a number of   the rules of the game that must be followed by all teams taking part in the championships.

Strategic planning as well as proper implementation of the strategies are needed in order to win the game therefore players must plan their strategies before the game but must have the skills to change the strategies according to the requirements of the game as it proceeds. A number of the winning strategies that can be implemented in the Flag Football Plays consist of:

  1. Having a team made up of some highly agile as well as fast players is an added advantage to the team.
  2. One of the basic strategies is to draw up plans for the game and then practice them multiple times so that when the need arises the strategy can be implemented naturally as well as effortlessly without actually giving it a thought.
  3. The art of pulling the flag must be practiced well. It is best to pull the flag belt rather than pulling the flag itself. This not only gives the player the space, in case, of the player misses the belt, the flag can always be pulled.
  4. There are a lot of offense as well as defense tips that can be drawn up before the game as well as implemented during the game. It is best to practice all the tips so that the players can be familiar with all the options when actually playing the game.

Though the Flag Football Plays are similar to the ordinary football played, the flag football is all about playing the game with the mind and there needs to be a greater speed in thinking out possibilities to win the game.

There is an abundance of resources as well as rules listed on the Internet for the people who are interested in learning more about flag football and more specifically, how to coach the youth flag football. Keep in mind that, it is more significant that you are dedicated as well as encourage players to practice teamwork along with good sportsmanship. If you still feel like you are lacking enough sports knowledge, ask somebody who understands youth flag football to be your assistant coach.

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