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Flag football and its rule, flag football is really a version of American soccer or Canadian football in which the basic rules of the game act like those of the popular game but instead of tackling players towards the ground, the defensive team should remove a flag or flag belt in the ball carrier to finish a down.

Flag football is really a non-physical approach to the overall game of football. Instead associated with tackling an opponent, you pull the flag mounted on the person with the actual ball’s belt to result in a stoppage in play. It was designed so that individuals can enjoy football without having worrying about injuring themselves because of contact.

Flag football and its rule
Flag football and its rule

Flag football and its rule

Although rules for flag football can vary, here is an example of the league’s rules.

A flag football field is generally around 60-80 yards lengthy and 20-30 yards broad. The end zones tend to be 10 yards long. In flag football you will find no kickoffs. Whoever wins the coin toss will begin with the ball using their own five yard line and can have three plays in order to cross midfield. Once a team crosses midfield it’s another three plays in order to score a touchdown otherwise the other team gets control possession from its personal five yard line. A flag football team includes six players.

Five of those gamers are permissible on the field at any given time. While a team is at five yards of the touchdown, they are prohibited to run the golf ball. They must utilize the passing play. The flag football game includes the two halves that are 10-25 minutes extended. Also playing the Flag football is highly competitive as it is a mind game that needs the player to be highly alert as well as vigil during the game. Though the rules vary with each club or league matches, the formation of the organization International Flag Football Festival has made it possible to standardize a number of   the rules of the game that must be followed by all teams taking part in the championships.

Flag Football – Gear

Unlike normal football, much less equipment is necessary in order to play flag football. The majority of participants wear non-metal cleats. The only other required device is a special banner football belt where a person places the flag. It’s also smart to have good hands as well as fast feet!

Flag Soccer – Getting Involved

  • There are various leagues for those thinking about playing flag football. Youth leagues are available to kids five to 17 years of age.
  • The sport has a powerful amateur following and a number of national and international competitions every year sponsored by various organizations.

The International Woman’s Banner Football Association, otherwise knows since the IWFFA, hosts 8 on 8 banner football tournaments and flag football trainings around the globe with participants from the America, the Canada, the Mexico, the Sweden, the Norwegian, the Finland, the Denmark, the Iceland, Scotland as well as many other nations. The organization may be the largest organization for women and girls within the sport of flag soccer. The most active event is held each Feb in Key West, Sarasota, called the Kelly McGill is Traditional where over 90 ladies and girls teams take part in 8 on 8, partial – blocking contact banner football. There are no restrictions to for females and women to perform.

The International Flag Soccer Festival (IFFF) organizes the planet Cup of Flag Soccer featuring teams from America, Mexico and several additional nations.

The International Federation associated with American Football (IFAF) sets up the IFAF Flag Soccer World Championship every 2 yrs since 2002.

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