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The await is over, Portugal conquered the trophy for the first time at Euro 2016 scoop. Portugal being a small country houses a very strong team. Though there were many advantages for France to take over but unfortunately time waits for none. Few snippets from the Euro 2016 which are interesting.

Euro 2016 scoop

Euro 2016 scoop
Euro 2016 scoop

Cristiano Ronaldo injured his knee while enduring through the first half. He wept twice during the match once when he injured his leg and was unable to play for the rest of the day, the other when his Team won the match against France.

It was the first international trophy won by Portugal, hats off to Eder who just played for the last 13 minutes but turned out to be a sparkling star of the victory. He was very excited after the legendary victory, he overlooked his injury and was dancing Long with his other team mates. Ronaldo can add this legendary victory to his prizing list, now he is a step ahead of Lionel Messi his Argentina rival.

Champions back to nest after conquering the Euro 2016 scoop championship

Tem thousand fans were awaiting at the airport terminal for the champions to arrive. Two water trucks of red and green colour water were sprayed on the flight when it landed in the airport. Coach Fernando Santos and Ronaldo were the first to emerge out from the flight with the Henri Delaunay Trophy.

Defender Pepe was the man of the match walked down with the trophy in his hand the rest got into an open bus for the parade round the city.

Football is incomplete without Messi says Neymar

Messi is sentenced to 21months imprisonment fortax elusion. Neymar says its hard to believe if Messi is not in the world of football as it would be different to play in his absence. Messi lost his three final matches consequently, this time lost with Chile at Copa America.

He failed to meet his expectancy in the past nine years playing with his national team mates. He has acquired many titles and crowns which has been recognised world wide. The Brazil International stated that one must admire Messi for what he has achieved for Argentinaand Barcelona.

Campaigns in Barcelona for Messi

For tax elusion, Lionel Messi and his father Jorge are sentenced for 21 months. Campaigns are held in Barcelona for bringing back Messi. Barcelona city court sentenced them for 21 months, though the Spanish law states that under two years of sentence for non violent cases rarely requires a defendant to serve jail sentence.

It’s the second campaign conducted in Barcelona in favour of Messi. The first campaign was when he announced that he would retire from football as he failed against Chile. There are many other players and fans who are supporting for his come back.

Guess the best player of Euro 2016? Its Antoine Griezmann

The UEFA announced Antoine Griezmann as the best player, though France could not win against Portugal atleast the best player title was gained by them. He is a menace to face the matches for all the opponent teams, he is hard working and blooms with new tactics for the game. The match gives you a thrilling experience when Ronaldo and Antoine play. He is the first player who has scored six goals at a Euro. The UEFA Chief technical officer Ioan stated that the Antoine is a threat in every game he played and works very hard for his team.

The 25 year old played amazingly in the match but could notyieldthe Euro 2016 trophy.

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