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If you are familiar with Baccarat, you will be familiar with dragon tiger game. The dealer will give the card in the table. This card is opened and called the dragon. Then, the next card is closed and called the tiger, then say which one has the higher rank. Only that. Easy? It’s better for you to read dragon tiger casino game winning tricks bellow before starting playing.

Get Ready with Strategies

This Onlinecasinoqq288.com Trusted Live Casino Gambling Website In Malaysia game does not necessarily need any kind of strategy. This game is based on the player’s luck in guessing the card. However, it does not mean that the player cannot use strategy at all.

Do not give up that easily if you fell the luck is not yours. For the first strategy, the player can start to count the cards so he will know how many the low and high rank cards left. So the chance to get correct guess is maximized.  The player can keep track on the cards that have already been used. It’s related to how many seven cards are already drawn. If a seven is drawn, the player will lose.

Dragon Tiger Casino Game Winning Tricks

Dragon Tiger Casino Game Winning Tricks
Dragon Tiger Casino Game Winning Tricks

The player can take advantage on playing side bet such as suit bet. For using this strategy, the player should watch previous game turns. After that, the player can guess what number are the suit cards and what number are the decks. This will help the player to guess what card that is closed in the main bet.

Be Careful with the Tie Bet

This tie bet is really attractive for bettor. It seems that it will give the bettor much money. But, the bettor should be very careful with this game. Why? It is because the chance to win this game is really small.

There are so many possibilities of hand combinations and only 32.77% from those combinations are tie. It is said that there are 86.320 hands combinations and it means that only 6.488 are ties. If the player does not have such luck, better for him not to touch this game. Even, the suit tie bet is more difficult because it only has 1.456 outcomes which can be suited.

Never Use Betting System in This Game

Many players may suggest trying betting system in playing dragon tiger game. The fact is no one ever reported being succeeded in using betting system in winning this game. So it will not bring you any huge jackpot as they said.

Be Patient or Be Reckless

The player needs to be patient in playing this game. He needs to see and observe the games before. Take notes for every card that is used in the games will be an advantage for him.

But it’s fun to be reckless sometimes. It’s a game after all but the player uses money this time. Just make sure the player won’t regret his decision.

Believe that this game is easy? You can try it by yourself with these dragon tiger casino game winning tricks. If you don’t believe on the counting or mathematics prediction, just play the games on your risk. Test your own luck to bet on the dragon or the tiger.

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