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Billy Donovan, known as a talented coach for Oklahoma City Thunder, to the recent NBA season, is a great personality in the world of basketball. In fact, his resume says it all. He has steered his team into two national titles. Billy Donovan Shares what it takes to be a great coach?. Let’s see what he has to tell to aspiring coaches.

Billy Donovan Shares what it takes to be a great coach?

Billy Donovan Shares what it takes to be a great coach?

Become genuinely interested your team and other teams. If you have been usually interested of your own self as a coach, why not reflect on the standards of expert coaches claiming that people who do not show any genuine interest to other people usually deal with many hardships in battle. If you really want to make friends with other people, you should put yourself out in doing things for other people. Needless to say, this needs unselfishness and thoughtfulness. Energy and time are great add-ons. Say for instance, you try to remember the birthdays of all your team members. When you show a genuine interest for other people, you will not win friends but you would also be able to develop loyalty to your company. However, be aware that just like with the other principles, you must be sincere.

Smile. It’s a pretty simple thing but no one can really describe the real power of smile to your team. When you smile, you can brighten the day of your players. It feels like you tell your player that you are very impressed with the way they play inside the court. It would inspire them. According to a Donovan, coaches who have made it a habit to smile tend to teach and coach effectively.

Call your player in his name. You have to keep in mind that someone’s name is the sweetest name he or she could ever hear. Even when you put all the names together, a person would always be more interested in his own name. When you want to take your player perform into a newer height, calling him by name works like magic.

Be a good listener. Get your players talk about themselves. When you are in the midst of conversation with them, make sure that you show that you are genuinely interested their opinion.  Listening intently to your team is one of the best compliments that you can pay to them. Apart from that, it will also help you become an effective coach. Unfortunately, there are many coaches who fail to come up with a good impression because they do not even intend to listen attentively. If you never listen to your players, you would surely make them dislike you. When having coaching sessions, it is always advisable that you ask question that would surely make the other people enjoy answering. You can also encourage them to talk about themselves and the most unforgettable experiences that they have in life.

Talk in terms of their interest. One of the best ways to pay off both parties is to talk in terms of the other people’s interest. If you want to get your players into your words, nothing compares to talking about the things that he or she treasures most in his life as a basketball player. By doing this, both of you might find out that you have something in common. Not only that, it can also boost self-confidence on the person of the person.

For sure, you have been amazed by how Billy Donovan led him team to great battles inside the court. If you are an aspiring basketball court, take note of these coaching secrets and you’ll be able to pull off! So gear up now and be the best coach you can be!

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