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Who has not heard about the strange events that occurred in the Bermuda Triangle? Starting from the plane crash to shipwreck. The accidents did not happen only once or twice, but many times. Lots of mysterious events that occurred at that location, and to this day no one knows the exact cause of those mysterious incidents. Mystery and the popularity of the Bermuda triangle are what inspired the Playtech to create a slot game based on the Bermuda Triangle Slot Game Scatter and Wild Symbol Information.

This slot game has the classic format which has slot machine game with 3 pieces reel. Despite having three pieces reel, but this slot game has 3 pieces image on them each reel making the Bermuda Triangle slot game has five pay line. When we look at the theme, we can call this slot game is an interesting game in Onlineslotqq188.com Casino E-Games, Slot Mobile Betting, Big Wins Free Spins. While, how to play the Bermuda Triangle Slot game is also quite simple. However, when we talk about the prize that you get, do not worry, because this type of online gambling casino slot games will also be able to give you lots of prizes for a player who could win the round-by-round of the game.

Bermuda Triangle Slot Game Scatter and Wild Symbol Information

Bermuda Triangle Slot Game Scatter and Wild Symbol Information
Bermuda Triangle Slot Game Scatter and Wild Symbol Information

Unlike the other slot games, Bermuda Triangle slot game does not have wild and scatter symbols. In this slot game, you will find a lot of components that are associated with the area of Bermuda, of course, those components related to the variety of sea animals as well as a transportation that often cross the area. This slot game has five symbols consisting of pink octopus, black sharks, dolphins, ships, and plane.

While for the playing technique in Onlineslotqq288.com Slot E-Games Machine On Pc, Mobile IOS, Android, basically similar to other slot games, even this slot game is easier than other slot games, because if you get three of the same pictures, you just declared managed to obtain certain rewards.

To place a bet in this slot game, the first thing you need to do is determine the bet for each round by using the (+) and (-) in the bottom corner of the screen. Then you can click on one bet to bet on one line, or choose to select the max bet to bet on 5 line at the same time. If you already completed, then click immediately the button in the middle to play the slot machine game.

Scatter and Wild Symbol

When the slot machine game has stopped rotating on the same image, then you will be entitled to receive a certain amount of prizes, but when the slot machine game has stopped rotating on the same ship image then the value of the prizes that you can receive would be different.

Because of the number of symbols that used in this game is not too many, then automatically the combined image that will appear will also be less, and that means this slot game tends to be easier for you to win in Onlineslotqq101.com Slot Machine Games, Free Slot Betting Website. Amazingly, when you play this slot game, you do not need to wait to get three of the same pictures in one round, because if you get a different picture, for example as shown sharks, octopus, and dolphins you’ve managed to get a gift as much as 10 coins.

However, if you managed to get a combination of the same pictures then, of course, you will get a lot more coins. If you get the 3 dolphin pictures you will get 25 coins. If you get 3 pictures of pink octopus you will get 50 coins. If you get 3 pictures of black shark, then you will get 75 coins. If you get the combined pictures of ship and plane then you will get 100 coins. If you get 3 pictures of the plane, you will get 150 coins.

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