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This interesting and popular Sports betting game offer betters to make a handful of profit by playing a successful game. Basketball is an end-to-end game which is really very interesting to play with. Basically, there are three types of betting types available. They are Money Line Betting (betting money on a specific team to win the game), Handicap betting (a handicap number is used either with “+” or “-“ sign indicating or determining the outcome of the game), and Totals betting (determines whether the point scored is either higher or lower based on a set number). If a bettor needs to learn more about the Basketball Betting Systems That You Can Use, they can make use of this article to have a thorough understanding of the betting terms.

Basketball Betting Systems That You Can Use

Basketball Betting Systems That You Can Use
Basketball Betting Systems That You Can Use

Money Line Basketball Betting

The player has to bet a certain amount of money on a certain team to win the game. For example in the betting site QQ188asia.com Best Online Sports Bookie Website & Asia Top Free Bets Bookmaker, consider there are two teams A and B with a Basket Ball Odd of 3.450 and 1.464 respectively. Assume that team B is the favorites which have to beat the team A. If the player bets an Odd of $10 on team B, the player will get the total payoff of $14.64 which also includes the Odd $10 in return.

The player if won, get the profit amount of $3.64 as a final outcome. On the other hand, if team A won the game the player has to return an amount of $34.50 with the Odd value of $10 which in turn get a profit of $24.50 for the player or better.

Handicap Basketball Betting

The player once has a clear understanding of the Money Line betting strategy they will easily grasp the Handicap Basketball Betting. Let us discuss with the following example. Consider there are two teams X and Y with a handicap number of +6.5 (2.060) and -6.5(1.862) respectively. If the team Y has won the game (i.e) with 100-96, the bet on the handicap for the better will lose. This is because actually team Y has started its game with -6.5 points, then their final score will be 93.5-96 which is a favorable condition for team X. (subtract 6.5 from the total score which yields 93.5).

Totals Basketball Betting

There will be a set number and this bet is to check whether the points taken in the game are more or less than the set number. In short, checking the over or under score with the set number is the simple rules to win this Basketball Betting. For example, consider the over and under score as 210.5 with 1.962 and 2.110 respectively. If the player bets an Odd of $10 which is to be over 210.5 then the result will be declared as a total of 214 points (116-98). The player, in turn, has to make a return of 19.62 and as a result, the better get a profit of $9.62.

The above mentioned are certain betting rules that the user has to follow in order to win the game. A clear understanding of the rules may result in winning a game rather than losing it. There are also other different betting types with different rules in the Basketball Sports Betting Game which attracts the better or a player to play with utmost fun and in turn to gain more profit.

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